Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year is one of the most awaited moment  like any  other occasions. It is time to forget our past and walk  apace along the new path of happiness, prosperity and longitivity. We now bit adieu  to the year of horse and welcome the year of sheep. Sheep has got lot to bestow upon us and bless us with bounty harvest in everything  we sow.

It's time of fire works  around the globe, time to dance and party all night. Perhaps the is the only time where we can reconcile the broken relationship with our loved ones. The menu on the dinner table are abound with delicacies, toast  of wines and laughter  hangs in air.

Well in my case, this time I am gotcha have a solitary  new year eve. My uncle  left for thimphu, I am alone and I can't even  go to party because  I have never  been once hitherto. recipes I got in the fridge  ain't impressive  to grace the celebration. Well no remorse  because i can't repent   on new year  eve lest I will  have sorrowful  year ahead.

Truth is I landed up in blogging, I know all the bloggers around the world  are doing the same. Perhaps it's another way to grace the new year. As I write I want to wish all my friends around  the world  to have a very good new year with full of promises  and lucks. It's time to bask the new rays of peace harmony and happiness. Toast to all..Very warm wishes from Bhutan. Happy new year.

Friday, 19 December 2014

cleanliness is next to godliness.

I can't comprehend whether it is some deliberate act or  simply ignorance  that makes people to expectorate disgusting sputum ,.phlegm and spiting anywhere they stand. In any sense it's really disgusting and very unhygienic as well. Beside it make us prone to fatal accidents and skidding , from which I narrowly escaped myself.
These godforsaken habit is almost accepted by the society in our country. People don't mind spitting tobacco and the extra lime from the chewing of bettle nuts are rubed on the spledid walls, and in fact on anything  under their nose, with no regard to the aesthetic and sanitation of the  environment. Fortunate and unfortunate the chewing of doma is an indispensable  part of our culture and greetings.

Many people  hold  their  head in disgust  to see sputum as dirty as itself. Often  those  smoker  are to be blamed ,after every puff  they  spit  and  expectorate  sputum regardless  of the sanctity  of the place  . apparently we can notice that two evil  habits viz.smoking  and carefree  spiting has formed a two side of coin and buried within the pocket of their conscience. That by saying I don't mean there are no hopes, rather more conspicuous  changes are at our fingertips.
 we nourish a cataract that   bare  us from seeing  the good things happening  in other countries. At any cost  we must  treat the cataract.

People  should stop thinking  about going to Switzerland  because  it's clean,  instead emphasise  on making  Bhutan the another Switzerland. Lame thinking and excuses such as ,this is not mine,I dint do that, me alone can't change  nothing , these instinct  should be really changed. Comparatively  Bhutan stands high on its heel  in terms of cleaniness  and biodiversity.  And we young citizens should  also keep  up the legacy.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Excursion to Agra

23 October ..  The excitement  couldn't be hidden when my friend ask me to accompanied him to agra.  I wanted to visit agra once anytime  convenient.' But the the excursion came earlier then I expected.  Agra is famous for it architectural marvel' the Taj mahal enlisted seven  wonders on the globe. I envisioned taking exquisite photo  with glistening castle as the background. But my stomach felt butterflies when I learnt that many girls  were actually accompanying us as well. I hardly remember any time .travelling with such a huge number of damsels.and traveling with girls always made me paranoid.
Train appeared on the platform at 11 pm and halted for next 30 minutes providing ample of time for the passenger to board. The station has become stony silent, Contrary to other days when it's damn busy as the bee,  it looks deserted.  Train was vacant and berths have collected an inch thick of dust.
The train was devoid of any mobile vendors as well, with no one coming to sell water, my lips parched. And throats went desert dry. At length when my friends snored  I lay awake staring at the balck moonless night outside. It was quite cold and I embraced my legs occupying the most corner of the berth.
taj mahal has all the beauties it has been always been praised with. The stunning sculpture and the architecture was impressive . Beside it is not a bad place for  any couple to come for honey moon or else rendezvous.
The clicking of photo was the most memorable part of the trip.  Even I didn't compromise and snapped abundant pictures, posing, group photo and selfie like wise.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

sleep less night.

Lights are put out and the room hung in darkness.
Outside is silent except for some  distant barking of dogs somewhere
The far hissing of the train is nostalgic
I know they are heading home .
My head pulls heavy yet I lay it on pillow
Contemplating the blades of fan
Hundred of thoughts conjure my mind.
My mind is devoid of legs but they walk faster
Likewise it's devoid of wings. Yet they fly higher.
Winter has brought with her the cold
Deeper I am obliged to burry in the quilt.
Tossing to the right and then to the left
In hope of holding the tail of slumber.
I miss you but more when  sunk in solitude
I miss your arms and the warmth of your embrace.
I open my ears, maybe I can hear your voice
I hold my breath so I can smell your fragrance.
Like a desert craving for a rain drop
I ought for your love abound.
I force my eyes into sleep
But in vain and I despair and
The fresh dawn unfolds rather. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

From the news paper,

My keen enthusiasm in reading news pulls my attention to all kinds of journal,   websites and  various  blogs. I salute smart phones for providing  amazing applications which enable us  to keep updated about the latest news. For obvious reasons I feel that smart phones have now become  indispensable part of our daily life too.
Well the point is more I read the more I gets  disturbed . With many crimes reported every day , the prognostic of such incidents happening with me as a victim becomes inevitable. For instance rape , murder and many other heinous crimes always installs a goose bumps within me. I am obliged to wonder where the human values, respect   love and the compassions has have vanished?  And in fact its even more difficult to comprehend the root cause of these inhuman activities. We know that animals kill each other to avoid starving , in contrast people kill each other for just simple reason as hatred.  Its apparent from what’s happening daily in many of the middle east countries where people are massacred ruthlessly.  It pangs my heart to see innocent people dying , the children are taught to kill, women are ravished , freedom are snatched , there are only guns and the bullets to compromise anything.
Abhorrent religious believers, abhorrence of racism ,and the lack of morals is going rampant all over the world. The ripple of its evil instinct is being felt in all the parts of india as well. Delhi alone has seen uncountable numbers of crimes  as of now and  more upcoming  are being conspicuous. What  makes me more anxious  and apprehensive is the racism . Regardless of any political issues , its totally unacceptable to let a person judge, criticize , insult and even murder based on our looks and difference in religion. For instance many incidents where people form northeast india  are being racially exploited and looked down with indifference.  These makes my stomach sick , because they resemble our looks and when somebody as same as us are targeted our entity is also being shaken impeccably.  Now it has made me paranoid even to walk alone, because I fear that anytime , anybody  might  grab my collar and pull me down. As long as the racism ceases in India , those inward premonition aint just trick of my chicken heart but something  liable to occur for sure.
What people fail to realize is that though various religion may have different entities , but the basic principles and the morals are the same. Ignorance of these paves the way for radical religious beliefs  meanwhile escalating the threats of terrorism and violence everywhere. Everyone loves to live in peace and drink the wine of harmony. Even the terrorist themselves rather prefer to avoid being killed  , well the irony is they also love peace and want to cherish the bliss in the  environment. But unless the people are willing to put down their guns and change their conscience , the longing for happiness would be like crying for the moon. i am no capable of performing as an activist yet I genuinely feel that my concern and words will one day bring a change by and by.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Grasses are dry and the pines too,
Roads are dusty  and fields lay empty.
Icy winds from the far away plateau of Tibet,
Compromise even those tall wreathing mountains,
And seek shelter in our  small splendid valley,
Which lies in  the west of Bhutan.

The frozen wind numbs my leg  and,
Burns my chin , cuts my bone in shin and
Makes me cry like a baby in pain.
On the ground the dew sparkles,
Few sparrows hover in the sky,
Whilst he collect the straws to nest his darling,
It heralds that winter is swirling.

People walk in their warmest clothes.
Kiddos wear their thickest  gloves ,
The boots, the hats, the socks and everything,
Are thick ,fury and fancy too.

Whilst inside the house,
Families congregate near the earthen hearth,
Embracing every warmth of the dying ember.
The  grandma cease her routine prayers,
And lull her grandchildren to solace of slumber.
Meanwhile father sips a premium local brew,
Mother as well join the toast .
Conversation last to the wee hours,
Until there comes a knock at the door,
Father smiles and head to answer the  door,
He unhook the bolts and welcome the stranger,
There he stands a man with smiles,
He wears a white shirt with words across.
i saw as he sit opposite to me,
on his shirt is the word ." gross national happiness."

Saturday, 20 September 2014

All that glitter review.

All that glitter.
It talks about two family who are constantly entwined in the swirling storm of misfortunes and sadness. Ruby the main protagonist is born twin with Giselle, after the demise of their mom , dad brags a step mother but  they did not get along an inch. The course of the story changes, when she becomes pregnant with a child from Beau. But indifferent nature of his parents and her own step mother insisting her to undergo abortion, she decides to abandon the family and spends an ample of time with her grandmother. She faces lots of hurdles in bringing up her daughter. Later situation gets worst when her dad also passes away.
Paul is a man who is smitten by Rubys beauty and he sacrifices his heart and soul looking after her and the child. However his infatuation drags him to greatest bugbear when she is once again back into relationship with her EX-husband Beau. Even his wealth and fame cannot bare him from drinking to death.
Beau on the other hand is also good man who by virtue of the situation is obliged to leave for Europe when ruby was pregnant. But his love towards her never sinks with the setting sun. ultimately their fate binds them together and nothing stop them from being happily.

The story is full of suspense and the death of numerous character at some point adds more live to the novel making it very lovely. Besides the the author V.C Andrew uses a very standard English ,which are easy to understand and beautiful.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I bit my pen, and patted my temple so hard, but it did no good for finding answers on my mathematic paper. I was sweating profusely as if I came out from a pool. The second hand in the wall clock ticks at snail’s pace. It was a two hour paper but  I completed before 30 minutes. Not that it was easy to be completed before time but I kept enough blank spaces to be decked with red ink remarks   from invigilator concerned… was the last paper and every one was talking about their plans for  the upcoming vacation. Some of my friends asked where will I go ?,,,I said ,”I am going to Delhi.” They responded with huge exclamation ,”wow”,”aishh”, zaii! And so on……at the back side of my mind everything began to play on live. I started thinking of my program lists, to do in Delhi.

Back at the hostel, rooms were filled with all kinds of gossips particularly bitching on girls, and some friends out of ecstasy started singing songs then others howled behind him like a pack of hungry jackels.The volume was so high that I felt as if students at the international hostel were creating ruckus. Later I went to discuss with my friend pema with whom I was going to delhi for the break. We were packing things for our vacation, and he actually said ,: I have never been to such a big metropolitan cities before. But even I was going for the first time, never the less heart was filled with huge enthusiasm and zeal, accompanied by little fear of the journey we were actually making for the first time. Never the less I knew the next day would have package of surprises stored for two of us.

Although we went to the train station much before time fearing of missing  the train, but to utter surprises ,the train which we boarded was 13 hours late. I just looked at my wrist watch and checked the time, it was 10.30pm. then rotated my eyes full 360 degree around to see what’s going on with other people on the plat form. The breeze from the Ganga river chilled us to bone. Some of my friends who came to see off us, were in half pants, and had to pay a heavy price for it because they were shivering like an addict due to with drawl symptoms. I felt the holy river was punishing them for their sins committed in past lives.
Train being late we had to return to the hostel the same night. We once again boarded an auto for getting to hostel. However auto was full ventilated that it allowed all the freezing winds to get inside, clattering of our teeth and sending waves of tremor in our body.
When we reached hostel it was al