Wednesday, 27 August 2014

a thief who stole my heart in the city bus

The bus was packed with passengers who kept to themselves exclusively, remaining busied themselves by chatting and gossiping with the nearest commuter. Although I saw the bus travelling many times to and fro but personally it was my first time taking a wasn't bad and lousy as I always expected it  to be in fact it was well kept, clean and comfy. Like always I arrived at the station punctually and boarded the bus prior to its departure time. Few minutes later the engine ignited the bus galloped. It pulled over at many places picking up and dropping the passengers simultaneously. I did not give much of my attention to anything around me instead kept busy with the newly bought Samsung galaxy grand 2.
From the distance I could see a bus stop and few girls in the vicinity waiting for the same bus. As it pulled over the designated stoppage the people entered in and exited out of the bus as  usual. it was at Olakah bus stoppage when a girl with a tall stature hailed at our bus . She had a very long hair which were as straight as an arrow . I am certain that not many caught her attention like I did. I gazed at her from inside the bus which she was actually unaware of. I wanted to catch the glimpse of her countenance but her hairs were too long and the winds swept it all over her face barring my intentions. Yet I was convinced that she was glamorous and sweet girl in mid-twenties supposedly .
The fairness of her skin and the snow white complexion had cast a spell on me . i sincerely stared and observed as she boarded the bus. However I started to feel an abrupt guilt even though I didn't commit any crimes. I cannot comprehend why ?? , may be because I knew that she did not have a reserved seat. I could imagine her standing and travelling but it pierced my heart to see an enchanting angel hardly balancing on her legs. Worst thing was the car itself as it bumped over even tiny potholes shaking the whole bus making those in standing miserable.  It was difficult to endure the guilt of letting a damsel struggle herself  to hold onto a metal support precariously which was often subjected to slip of hands as the bus bumped and jumped. Now she was squeezed in the crowd and about three people separated us from each other.
In the same bus was an old woman who was also obliged to stand and was such a disheartening coincidence to come across two people deserving my humble courtesy. I was dilemma for not being able to decide to whom I should I offer my seat for? The beautiful woman or the old woman? If I offer my seat for the beautiful girl then for obvious reason I am committing some mistake as the latter person demands more care, attention and sacrifices by virtue of her age. In contrast helping the old man would mean a great lost for me as I have to let go off and struggling angel.
Without wasting a second further: I stood up and offered my seat for the old gentle woman . she was immensely heartened with my  offer and reached verge of shedding tears . it was  like I was playing exchange game of generosity and gratitude in return. Meanwhile I forgot to notice what was going on with that splendid angel in disguise. I turned and raised my  neck  to sight her presence, in so doing I noticed that she was staring straight to me and smiling as if she saw some follies within me . her stare completely baffled me and  my stomach  felt butterflies.  We went a long distance standing and holding  onto the metal railing but her mesmerizing smile did not cease an inch.  With nothing left  to   do just kept smiling back.  We both knew an in comprehensible gravity was holding our tongue and keep  muted.
Just then came the next bus stop which was her destination too. The bus pulled over and the passengers exited. She also prepared to get out of the bus, she had to do in haste as the bus did not halt for an ample of time. The engine started and the bus moved, from the window I gazed  her until we reached a  sharp turning ,from where I could no longer see her.. In the next stop the old woman also dropped , by then the bus was almost destination was the end point and every  bus returned back from there. i reached home but to utter astonishment I found that somebody pick pocketed me. I came back from a shopping yet I felt very length I realized that she has pick pocketed my poor heart.
Today as I recollect that incident, it fills my heart with remorse and resentment because I was too coward to have not talked to her and I regret for not being able to ask for her contact number as well. At least whenever I pass the very bus stop where she dropped , I make sure that its thoroughly checked hoping that I may  come across  the same angel who came in disguise. I will do this every time because I feel a day might come when I can reveal the reason behind her smiles in that packed city bus.