Saturday, 20 September 2014

All that glitter review.

All that glitter.
It talks about two family who are constantly entwined in the swirling storm of misfortunes and sadness. Ruby the main protagonist is born twin with Giselle, after the demise of their mom , dad brags a step mother but  they did not get along an inch. The course of the story changes, when she becomes pregnant with a child from Beau. But indifferent nature of his parents and her own step mother insisting her to undergo abortion, she decides to abandon the family and spends an ample of time with her grandmother. She faces lots of hurdles in bringing up her daughter. Later situation gets worst when her dad also passes away.
Paul is a man who is smitten by Rubys beauty and he sacrifices his heart and soul looking after her and the child. However his infatuation drags him to greatest bugbear when she is once again back into relationship with her EX-husband Beau. Even his wealth and fame cannot bare him from drinking to death.
Beau on the other hand is also good man who by virtue of the situation is obliged to leave for Europe when ruby was pregnant. But his love towards her never sinks with the setting sun. ultimately their fate binds them together and nothing stop them from being happily.

The story is full of suspense and the death of numerous character at some point adds more live to the novel making it very lovely. Besides the the author V.C Andrew uses a very standard English ,which are easy to understand and beautiful.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I bit my pen, and patted my temple so hard, but it did no good for finding answers on my mathematic paper. I was sweating profusely as if I came out from a pool. The second hand in the wall clock ticks at snail’s pace. It was a two hour paper but  I completed before 30 minutes. Not that it was easy to be completed before time but I kept enough blank spaces to be decked with red ink remarks   from invigilator concerned… was the last paper and every one was talking about their plans for  the upcoming vacation. Some of my friends asked where will I go ?,,,I said ,”I am going to Delhi.” They responded with huge exclamation ,”wow”,”aishh”, zaii! And so on……at the back side of my mind everything began to play on live. I started thinking of my program lists, to do in Delhi.

Back at the hostel, rooms were filled with all kinds of gossips particularly bitching on girls, and some friends out of ecstasy started singing songs then others howled behind him like a pack of hungry jackels.The volume was so high that I felt as if students at the international hostel were creating ruckus. Later I went to discuss with my friend pema with whom I was going to delhi for the break. We were packing things for our vacation, and he actually said ,: I have never been to such a big metropolitan cities before. But even I was going for the first time, never the less heart was filled with huge enthusiasm and zeal, accompanied by little fear of the journey we were actually making for the first time. Never the less I knew the next day would have package of surprises stored for two of us.

Although we went to the train station much before time fearing of missing  the train, but to utter surprises ,the train which we boarded was 13 hours late. I just looked at my wrist watch and checked the time, it was 10.30pm. then rotated my eyes full 360 degree around to see what’s going on with other people on the plat form. The breeze from the Ganga river chilled us to bone. Some of my friends who came to see off us, were in half pants, and had to pay a heavy price for it because they were shivering like an addict due to with drawl symptoms. I felt the holy river was punishing them for their sins committed in past lives.
Train being late we had to return to the hostel the same night. We once again boarded an auto for getting to hostel. However auto was full ventilated that it allowed all the freezing winds to get inside, clattering of our teeth and sending waves of tremor in our body.
When we reached hostel it was al most 2.00 am, the hostel itself was snoring in deep slumber. We quietly went to our rooms and the burrowed deep inside the blanket. At dawn I felt little gush of Embarrassment in my veins  because the night before we left the hostel saying “buh bye”, to all of them. Wisely to avoid mocks from our friends we did not step out of the room. In the afternoon once again we departed for the station.

The platform at the station was crowded with people waiting to catch their respective trains, we headed for the waiting room to keep our luggages.  However my waiting hours on that plat form was not that tantalizing. This was because  everyone  were actually staring at two of us as if they have  seen  ghost in us. More over some youths in group murmured words among each other after looking at us, but from the expression they broadcasted revealed that they were saying nothing but passing bizarre mock on us. The temptation to get inside the train was immense. I knew my anxiety and the apprehension wouldn’t cease unless step my foots inside the train.
The train came hissing and meandering along the railway track like a giant anaconda. We quickly climbed  and searched for our berths. The train was surprisingly almost empty ,hardly five to six passengers where their inside the compartment. I wondered why, at length came to know that people   seldom board these train(special train) despite being clean and comfortable, are blamed for its punctuality. Never the less we occupied our berths ,and relaxed ourselves. I felt for the window side as it allowed the dancing winds to creep in.

The train journey was filled with silence and tranquility with only few people getting in and out at the different stations. in contrast to the journey by mahananda express where it would be bee busy, and different vendors selling food stuffs , that train did not have anything to offer. I could feel the thunder roar in my tummy. And at wee hours it was so stony silent and the distant hissing of wheels made me nostalgic. My friend was snoring in deep slumber but my eyes were alive. With nothing to do I felt about the window and gazed outside. The night was splendid decked with twinkling stars, dancing trees and birds flying beneath the moonlight. The tears formed in my eyes and then i slept. When I opened my eyes I was in delhi one of the biggest cities in the world….