Friday, 30 January 2015

inside the hospital

I came to assist  my cousin brother for a medical checkup.  Thimphu hospital  is very huge and large number of people  going about their works.  The building stinks like a hell, the air is heavy with intoxicating  drugs. Massive number of patients  are worst for my head .  Things otherwise would have been easier if I came early. But it's noon and the queue   is freaking  long. My token number is  103, literally  it means I have to wait and watch hundred and two people  enter and exit the chamber. My turn will be due only in about  three  hours from now. I am already  running  out of  patience and might even succumb to sickness.

We were in line ,some people came and called on doctor with no comply to token procedure. They came late but their consultation was given first preference. We came punctually and had to wait. It was a big irony, but none payed heed . When  our turn came, 4 hours has  already elapsed. It was a test of patience pushing us to limit.

Winter is very harsh, the cold sinks in our bones. The sun rays are faint and no match to the freezing air. The visit to hospital  came to end ,meanwhile the sun was sinking behind  the tall mountains. With my hands in pocket and  face shawled headed homeward.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Rough translation. .

From the Crystal White clay bowl
inscribed with  eight  lucky signs
Unless the bowl itself shatters,
So will the signs remain intact.

Happy that fate brought  us together
With the merrily bestowed lover
Prayers for inseparable bond of love
Written in the pages within my heart
Are  the lines of love,care and affection.

It's time Bhutan should be proactive towards waste management.

We are fortunate to embrace the happiness and comfort  brought about by the rapid developmental activities, however at the same time we cannot ignore the deleterious  impact  of such activities. Various problem  evolve due to reckless mining and road infrastructures. By and large it's the the  problem of waste that demands more attention. Massive amount of garbage from individual  household, industries  at large, municipal waste etc wreaks havoc in the environment. 
The garbage  includes  all plastics, diused metal, infrastructure debris, etc.which are categorised under non biodegradable. Where as waste from kitchen, food processing  industries, etc falls under biodegradable category.  Either of any two have deleterious  affect  on our environment. 

Enormous amount of waste are produced  from the municipality and big towns like thimphu  ,phuntsholing etc . Thimphu city alone is said to generate  metric tones of waste in a single day. The only available  land fill is at memilakha and it's at the verge of becoming full. Apparently  it's just a matter of time ,one day when memilakha  gets full ,it will take a massive toll on us. Much the same every other  places face the challenge  of waste management. There is big void amid  the management  policy and as well the genuine  initiative  and concern from all the people. 

In Bhutan people take things for granted. We think it's the sheer responsibility of city cooperation to take care of the waste . In a way it is the lack of attitude  and cooperation from the people ,which hinders the success of waste management. Only sizeable number of houses do the segregation of plastic /non plastic. As well its lack of awareness and civility in the mindset of Bhutansese  citizen. 
It's quite pathetic when a VIP traveling by a BMW,recklessly throws out their waste on the road. 

Bhutan is  comparatively far cleaner and greener, perhaps this can be attributed  to lesser population. But now the situation is otherwise. More people and more waste , rapid development and massive unwanted stuffs. Unless we change our mentality ,the sheer roleplay  of city cooperation would be a despair. 

But apparently  things ain't out of control. Though we are all but late still  lots of things can be done to avoid a biggest catrastrophy in the times to come. We should be proactive and concerned as to where our own disposal goes into. We should emphasise more on holistic approach by way of recycle,reuse principle. Zero tolerance to litter and necessary  measures to curb the careless attitude of people. Unless we consolidate our contribution and mindset together as one ,Bhutan is susceptible  to a great risk  of waste disaster. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

She made me penlop. .

Time back in the school days
I got a crush on a senior  student.
She was beautiful  undoubtedly
She was everyone's cynosure.
A girl of few words and lips almost mute
harbour a nectar of  inconsistent smiles.
I was smitten, badly smitten
By her beauty so enchanting.
Entered  my dreams and thoughts
Instilled a strong tides of emotions.
The tides of feeling ebbed and flow.

But not every flower blooms
So was  my chemistry with her.
She learnt to steal my heart
But she failed to give it back.
Love gave courage  and the strength too
It veiled  my face of shyness.
I lost the  patience  and took a step bold
Spearheaded  the new venture into love.
I dreaded  to propose  her but I did somehow.
Aftermath was terrible,anticipation
Premonition, and fear
A fear of an unrequited  love.
Days later I got a response from her
But she didn't  reciprocate my love.
she conferred me the  red scarf of poenlop.

It pang my heart  and despair
A first love and an unrequited  one.
But on her lips smile still lingered.
Deception hidden In  her smiles.
A smile that would not belong to me.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

an unexpected reward...

Somebody careless just happened to dump a paper  on the open road in the heart of a town. Nobody dared to pickup and dump in a proper  dustbin. Few young guys  stepped  over and went . The reckless  driver turned a blind eye  onto it. Everyone ignored that paper and due to wind it flew afloat. The town  was itself dirty,as people  failed  to manage  their  waste, rubbish didn't go inside the dustbin  but lay about them. Not a single person displayed any courtesy  to pick up  the waste and put in a pit. As of the small paper ,still remained  floating  from one road to another.

One day a young lad came to town from a  village . He was very concerned  about the environment  and condemned  any sort of pollution. At least, he took care of his own waste making sure it was  rightly  dumped. That day he went about with his shopping work,.buying and bargaining  stuffs to take home. On the way he saw the same paper that was ignored by the society.  He saw from distance aloof. He picked up the paper wanting to put in a dustbin. There was no place to discard the waste and he took with him. On the way he glanced at the small paper, he went speechless.  He shed the tears of happiness. He was  rewarded  for his priceless effort. The paper  was no ordinary. A big signature  was clear at the bottom, and all he had to do was fill in the amount on a blank check. He soon became filthy  rich, and still continued his good will service to the environment.

Oh god ..I don't believe you anymore. ....!!!!!!

I believe  in God very much. I aways pray and devote to his will. I comply   by his philosophy  and dogmas. Though I don't wear robes of a celibate monks  but inwardly  I follow the teachings and words of the gods. I strongly  condemn  killing of animals, I don't steal, I hate lies,so forth.
By and large  I have always been a fateful  disciple  of you in my own possible  way. I believe  you are omnipotent,and omnipresent likewise.
I never hesitated  to wake up betimes  and do the altar offerings. Never forgot to grace you before I eat myself anything. I prayed day and night alike.

Holy Buddha ,u  ought to have two divine  powers viz. Omnipresent  and omnipotent. But where were you  when I needed  you the most. You know yesterday  was very important  and urgent day for me. I am  supposed  to reach thimphu, because time was running  shot and my documents  need to reach the very day. If I failed ,you know it's repercussions as well. But can't comprehend  why that day was fruitless. Why did the bus leave me behind? regardless of my hasty preparation. Conceded to worst  when I didn't get a single cab let alone  a lucky lift.

You are not  paying  heed to my prayers, in the first place  bus left me deliberately,I had to  bear the loss of ticket. Secondly not a single  car took me, and my official  works were doomed.  Now I am convinced  I am dismissed  for studying abroad. okay not big deal, I will reciprocate . I am deterred, I can't believe  you wholeheartedly and  I feel sorry for that. I don't mind to the extend of apostatizing my religious beliefs. ..oh god you are blind.!!!!

Karma  updated this in her blogging site and was dejected awfully. 3 days  after that incident,she was listening  to radio.  The news broke,she listened  with all ears. She felt the greatest shock of her at a time. She heard that the bus she missed went several metres off road  at dochula  killing all passenger  on board. She couldn't utter a word and she cried.  With fingers crossed she sought for forgiveness. She realised  her life was more important  than the studies  abroad. ...

Friday, 9 January 2015

reflection from an office galss window..

When ever I go  to phuntsholing town afoot, I pass by the PNBoffice. The office has very big windows of sheer glass which bares outside bypasser to see inside in contrast inside people can see outside. The interesting feature is the windows  ability to reflect our image.
It gives an overwhelming  feeling to see our image reflected like from a high definition movie screen. Every time I pass the office I gaze upon those glasses and do some prompt makeup, making sure I don't draw attention  of premises.  adjust my pants shirts and raise  my hair into spikes afresh. I often saw many  people doing likewise,checking their heel, haistyles and some confident lads even  take time in comparing there size,height and makeup  anew.

Those  glasses  are way motivating.  Because  even the mirror  in my room can't display such image quality. When I see myself handsomely on the glass,it abounds my selfesteem. But it's kinda  funny also, since inside the building there are offices and apparently  many people  going about with banking works. So chances that I may be centre of attention for them.

Well anybody who comes to phuntshloing  should perhaps pass via  PNB too. You will experience  a difference. ...

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Someone lost and I found it.

Hi darling
I miss you so much.  I always think about you . Every day and night I see you in my dreams and I feel obsessed. I  can't curb the desire to embrace you every time,but with you not around things are turning hard for me. Life seems bitter, everything is a source of sadness, society looks unhappy and even the air is sick.

I am craving to see you but miles of distance separate  us. I know you will come back ,yet I can't abstain  from thinking  about you. I think I have gone mad, but I like being mad for you. I can live and I can die in your arms. If only I have the chance to think about you, I will not give a damn to the world.

Days are long  and even the nights too. Insomnia sucked up my sleep. I am a young heart in infatuation. I think more than I am supposed to be. I wonder what my colleagues may think about me. They will think I am weird, or they will think am crazy.  But  I feel i am both. Absence and the silence escalate my emotions. I miss you more and I keep loving you more.
I love you ...please come back soon.
With love

This was a small chit I found on the road while I was taking an evening walk.  The  letter was hand written and was crumbled by passing vehicles. At first I thought it was some page from book that were thorn aloof. But my thorough  reading brought  me into those undying sentences.

Even today I wonder who was karma ?and to whom he or she was writing to? Since the letter did not mention to whom it was written(started as  hi darling). as well  the ending too do not revel any clues. But here it still dwells in between the  leaves  of my book.
Poor love struck guy might have written to a lover and it got  lost before reaching him.

Monday, 5 January 2015

I Don't want to be fat.

Though I am not  much conscious about of my looks and dressing Conduct but when I last checked  my weight  it has increased  by heaps. I normally  use to weigh  52 kg  and now became  64kg. What the heck is happening? I can't fathom.

 My diet  ain't heavy, in fact after reaching  college  I didn't  get chance  to relish  even bones  let alone other meat products. Dry beefs  (shakam) is always a luxury. Because in the first  place our college is located in Hindu and Muslim dominated area.  What Hindu consumes  are forbid by Muslim  and vice versa. Cow is god for Hindu  and are worshipped. In.a nut shell,  chicken is the only alternative. I dismiss mutton and buffalo  meat,because I have never eaten hitherto.

well  what makes me more heavy now? I feel anxious  when my friends  tell that my stomach  is swelling.  I can feel that as well. I have  a prognostication as to how I may look after few more years from now. What if my belly  swells like a 8  months pregnant woman, what if my face become big  as if stung by thousand bee. Will the girls reject me if I assume  such obsolete  physique. What ever I don't want to be fat it's my wish.

 I can't go for dieting,else I may die of anorexia and worst I am ulcer patient.i can't even  play more as my health forbids. I should  do something lest my weight may keep adding. Oh god!I want to be as I am,tall and thin .

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tess of D.Urvillies. by Thomas Hardy.

It's one of the most sentimental novel i have read so far.  Lots of twist and turn and the main protagonist  viz.Tess actually  undergoes  lot of hurdles and seems to have a major breakthrough  but again in despair.  The plot  start anew  and her a suffering as well.
The main tragedy is triggerd when she incited by her parents try to seek kinship in a Stoke D.urvillies. Because  she was  descended from a very noble  family. Do. Urvillies but vanished in between. She gets ravished by Alec.  and gives birth to who dies in infancy installing  an unbearable pain.
All she does is escape that house and find shelter somewhere. She then meets with John. He appears in her life as blessing in disguise  but the downfall begins when she confess her old stories  with Alec to him.john is infatuated  over her yet  he tries  to create distance  by going to brasil. But their intimacy  is not broken due to their timely letter exchange.
Meanwhile when in his absence  Alec comes and take her hand, after the demise  of her dad he comes as helpful to them.
But she inwardly  still  love John and as well her bitter experience  of past with Alec had left a deep scar  within.

Things turn crazy when John  comes from brasil and come searching for her. But she at first  confess being  married to the same Alec in his absence. He goes aloof but heaven go insane  and she kills Alec. Run away with him .
But her escape  is shortlived,police catches  her and she pays for her crime.
The ending is complicated and full of suspense because  author actually  describes the scenario  and do not  directly  say about  her death. She is hanged and the John lives  with tess  sister. As it was her dying wish. ...