Thursday, 1 January 2015

Tess of D.Urvillies. by Thomas Hardy.

It's one of the most sentimental novel i have read so far.  Lots of twist and turn and the main protagonist  viz.Tess actually  undergoes  lot of hurdles and seems to have a major breakthrough  but again in despair.  The plot  start anew  and her a suffering as well.
The main tragedy is triggerd when she incited by her parents try to seek kinship in a Stoke D.urvillies. Because  she was  descended from a very noble  family. Do. Urvillies but vanished in between. She gets ravished by Alec.  and gives birth to who dies in infancy installing  an unbearable pain.
All she does is escape that house and find shelter somewhere. She then meets with John. He appears in her life as blessing in disguise  but the downfall begins when she confess her old stories  with Alec to him.john is infatuated  over her yet  he tries  to create distance  by going to brasil. But their intimacy  is not broken due to their timely letter exchange.
Meanwhile when in his absence  Alec comes and take her hand, after the demise  of her dad he comes as helpful to them.
But she inwardly  still  love John and as well her bitter experience  of past with Alec had left a deep scar  within.

Things turn crazy when John  comes from brasil and come searching for her. But she at first  confess being  married to the same Alec in his absence. He goes aloof but heaven go insane  and she kills Alec. Run away with him .
But her escape  is shortlived,police catches  her and she pays for her crime.
The ending is complicated and full of suspense because  author actually  describes the scenario  and do not  directly  say about  her death. She is hanged and the John lives  with tess  sister. As it was her dying wish. ...