Monday, 23 February 2015

A ruthless butcher

There lived a ruthless butcher, who enjoyed killing as much as any other leisure games. He slaughtered myriad lives in a single day. His stony heart lacked mercy and  knew nothing about love or compassion. 

One fine day he decided to slaughter a goat. He dragged one big fat goat from the pen and tethered it on a pole. Meanwhile he was sharpening his blade just in the proximity of the goat. Then and there he felt strong urinous sensation, as if his bladder would  come bursting out.  Readily rushed  for the  latrine leaving his knife and belongings  there itself. 

The scared goat bleated helplessly. His cries in vain and as well butcher payed no heed to his cries. Later he came out from the latrine and resorted  to resume his work.  He noticed that his knife was missing,couldn't be seen anywhere nearby. He searched  about every where but to no avail . Eventually went near the poor goat and searched anew. Priorly he was sitting on mattress  while sharpening his blade. So he checked beneath it with little hop of finding there. To utter surprise,his knife was concealed beneath it and way carefully hidden from his view. 

In his proximity,no people arrived and was convinced.  The goat was kneeling and his bleating fainter, due to his prior bleating whole day long. In its eyes  tears and fear resided. The goat  kneeled as if please-dont-kill-me postion begging for his mercy. The butcher went numb and tears filled his eyes. His heart ached acutely,which he hardly felt till  then. Instead of proceeding further, he broke down and cried. He realized that  the goat  concealed his knife,like human they feared  death and longed for happiness.

Thereafter he became a good man, he stopped killing altogether.  Rather he liberated enormous  animals from the hand of many other butchers. He developed deep respect and filiality towards people and sentient beings. Liberation of furthermore animals brought himself bliss and bestowed with logitivity blessing. He lived for many years and his work left a legacy in the art of peace,love and compassion. 

Friday, 20 February 2015

insight phrases. ..

Only if willing to give extra effort for every ordinary things, result achieved will be extraordinary. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

local fish on the dinner table for losar. .

Today otherwise would have been a great fun to celebrate losar, but our college is in full swing and I have to attend classes. Losar ,the new year in the Bhutanese and Tibetan calendar, depicts the end of all yester year of sorrows ,the hardships and  all in all it is the end of prior year and opening  door anew for a totally different year.  
When I was a kid ,this same losar was welcomed heartily and the celebration was way abundant. We have good shower and parents give go ahead signal to wear our new clothes in pile. Food are lavish and  the menu diverse. Picnicking was flagship from  among the days  awaited program. It offers a quality time for family to gather and excursion along the river banks , in the woods and admid various oasis are always breathtaking moment. The air of the day are filled with songs and graced with dances.  We celebrate as if it's our last day to live. 

22 years from then, we mark the losar on same time but in different manner. The list program on the day of losar seemingly contrast. Wearing new clothes ,gho and kira, are not of much concern. Though  games like archery and dart make the day lively but the spectators are restricted to men. So there is less  charm in watching archery given its played everyday. As well the risk of compound bow are seemingly witnessed. Foods are by and large all fast food products and junks stuffs. Porridge is seldom prepared , subsituated by pizzas and burgers or some big fat dumpling. Very good picnic spots are limited, one available are crowded. Altogether the losar celebration has undergone a change along with the paced modern times. 

Classes has made my losar like any  other usual day. No porridge lest I would have been late for morning lecture. No dance and no singing. However I am thinking of a special menu for dinner, perhaps chicken or some local fish . I have some dry chillies in reserve, may be it will provide  a good combo for the delicious fish. Well I hop everyone also have a good time ahead for the losar. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

The sun has sunken in the west
It's golden rays dusted about the clouds.
The air is still and the sky too.
Kites of all colours soar in the air
Like a diamond they dazzle .
Flying with pride and glory,
Flying against the abrupt winds.

On the ground are the kids
Seeking the solace from those flying gems.
Each giving their best to keep them afloat.
A roll of string in their hand,
Bonding them  with the kite.
Bond of  enthusiasm, hops and passion,
Enthusiasm to control the kite
Hoping to fly higher then the rest.

Till the golden sky turn black
And evening star peek from from behind curtain,
These dragons soar in the sky.
They sail higher until they break loose
Vanishing beyond eye reach.
Perhaps they headed towards heaven
Or fallen on angels lap somewhere afar.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

shopping in jaigon.

Shopping in jaigon is not as enjoyable as people talk about.. Bhutanese people are haunted by the aspect that price of the commodities are far cheaper in jaigon and has incited a shopping spree in them. But in reality things are otherwise. The system of bargaining I have encountered is mere a jest, needless to say it’s more of cheating and looting the customers. For instance, I ventured into a cloth shop, there was one t-shirt that caught my attention. I asked for the price and straight away he said, “it cost nu.1000, but will /give you some discount, take it at 990”. Whoa! the discount he offered wasn’t at all impressive. That by saying doesn’t mean I want him to run into lost by selling to me at very low price. I didn’t want to bargain and came out, meanwhile he said me not to go and asked my wish price. it was expensive I said and came out of the shop. Then he called me , “ take it at 500”, I turned deaf ear, and proceeded apace, to utter surprise he said to take it at 200. Off course I went and purchased at 200 . In retrospect , we Bhutanese are every day fooled by the indian shopkeepers, to me it was charged nu.1000 but to someone innocent he would have charged 2000 or more.

Almost all shops in jaigon has incorporated this habit. Off course there should be bargain system but things should go in a holistic manner. Shopkeepers in in jaigon sell commodity at their will price. MRP are not taken into account, let alone to consider selling at fixed price. these incidents have incited me to think twice before I purchase a commodity. But irony is if any few shopkeepers are selling at an honest price, it will be dubious as well.