Saturday, 28 November 2015

an unexpected letter

When I was in intermediate school I had a crush on one girl form our own class. I will not describe how beautiful she was because its undeniable. May be through friends or by herself she came to reveal my feeling for her; however no miracle occurred in our relationship. Thus the time elapsed and we were basically engaged with our studies. As usual I was a backbencher, enjoying what was screened in the front rows. Occasionally I would sneak a glance at her and then pretend as if I was studying. At recess and during free classes I would watch her, while she fondled pencil in between her fingers skillfully.  she loved chatting, especially with her desk partner the conversation would be endless. Our class was full of fun and games. Often I needed to control their voice because I was the class captain, the post I largely hated. Although we were in class twelve but friends were worst than children in doing prank. Sticking chewing gum on back, tying the shoe laces and doodling funny images were favorite pranks they enjoyed. That way few months had passed. The march had ended and lushness of summer had commenced. The rivers swelled and rains showered. One morning my friend came and handed me a chit telling it was form her.  i couldn’t believe my ears and eyes. I didn’t open the letter until the night. I was tearfully happy for the first time ever. The words went;
Dear phuntsho,
How long shall we go without confessing our soft corner to each other? I know you love me and don’t deny it. I loved you ever since the year began. Let us get in relationship. Tk.
 With love
April fool.
1st april.

I laughed inside the blanket for my friends had executed a perfect prank.  

Friday, 27 November 2015

the woman in the field.

The weather was ideal and prefect for strolling around the campus field. The sun was down and its orange rays dusted in the sky. In the distance the train travelled, hissing and its engine rumbling. On other days there would be farmers ramping up their days work and walking home. A typical Indian woman, in their beautiful sari one hand akimbo and balancing some load on their head. From behind I could calculate their steps, they would tread along in line laughing and joking with their counterpart.  Presently not a single sign of life was seen, it was pitch silent and I was a solitary walker. I walked along the path amidst the lush crops. The corn was in prime growth, the tall sugarcane leaves waved in the wind. Somewhere afar, lonesome shadow stood firm at the edge of the field. I reckon it was a girl, because her hairs were untied and fluttered in the air. She had a figure tall and slim, assumed to be sexy. I felt curious; it is unusual to find a girl alone and at this odd time. I gathered what if she was in trouble and needed some help or is she awaiting her lover? No not at this time and I retracted that notion.  As I got closer, i could distinguish even the outfit she wore. Red t-shirt and skin tight jean possibly a Levis or Denim. I could smell the expensive perfume she had applied. Those were the clues, she could not be farmer. Trend of her dressing got a northeast touch, even the perfume. The breeze came and swept her unkempt hair. I reached close to arms length, still she did not budge and neither she spoke.  Suddenly gush of wind came and she fell down, i plunged for a frantic rescue, only to discover that she was scarecrow in tight jeans and red t-shirt.  

Thursday, 26 November 2015

the sacrifice

Woman was ailing from long terminal illness, clinically declared as acute renal (kidney) failure, basically was severe kidney cancer that needed intensive care. Both her kidney had collapsed; her body was inside the intensive care unit (ICU), fitted to several oxygen cylinders and sophisticated wires injected into her body. Though she had to go through the pain but she was not alone. Her son stood by her side in all the crucial times and he wanted to sacrifice more. He was the best son she had, his love, dedication and care were ineffable. Last thing he can do to save his mother was to give one of his kidneys. Every formality was completed and his medical condition examined. He wore the maroon surgical gown and awaited arrival of his dear wife. His surgery was due in half hour.  He sat in the  waiting room, biting his clenched knuckle, stood up and made several short walk about the hall way. Few minutes later sharp siren of ambulance resonated outside the hospital.  Subsequently nurses rushed and cleared way for the stretcher coming in carrying dead bodies and blood soaked accident victims.  Stretcher carrying body of young girl came passed him, everything happened in slow motion. It was his dear wife; she was critically injured in that bus accident and taken inside ICU. Doctors plugged oxygen mask on her face and sedated with tranquillizer.  He stood near the door; doctor came out and said that his wife had massive internal injury and needed immediate kidney transplant.  He felt speechless, stricken with fear and grief. Image of his dear wife flickered in his mind, her care, love and dedication. He looked at the door of adjacent chamber where his dear mom was lying lifelessly. His eyes could no longer hold back the tears, but he needed to be decisive lest both the patient would die. For the last time in his life, he looked at his mom and turned away towards his wife chamber for the operation.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

the ring

A boy loved a girl head over heels. She was very beautiful and possessed a modest character. One day the boy decided to propose her, it was the Valentine’s Day. From the florist he got a fresh rose bouquet.  The roses were deep red and afresh with dew drops. The weather was very cold outside; the mountains were covered in the snow. Sparrow glided in the sky singing beautiful songs. He went to a gift shop and bought a silver ring. The ring cost him 5000 ngultrum, in his wallet he just had the exact amount. He recalled the week long nights of work he did to earn that amount and sighed a complacent smile. The gifts were placed in the front pouch of his bicycle. He headed towards her apartment.
 The snowflakes dropped and staked on roads. The temperature was dropping rapidly.  While crossing a junction, a Mercedes car in full speed came sliding. The snows had made the road slippery.  The car crashed right onto his bicycle and he was thrown away. His blood smeared the snowy road. The roses lay scattered alongside and the ring landed near his body. He clasped few roses and the ring in his hand and slowly gave up his breath. 

The girl was sipping a hot espresso when she decided to switch channel form "Starplus" to "BBC". The news about the fatal accident broke the headlines. The camera showed the fragments of rose and the ring lying in his grasp. She blurted “hallelujah” ! felt sorry for the victim.  She checked her watch and then switched channel to” Sony”. It was time for her favourite serial ‘crime patrol” . 

Saturday, 21 November 2015

i only she knew.

Phuntsho was shy and man of few words.  He was fond of reading. There would be always something   to read in his hand. He would amuse himself by watching his friends shout and tease each other. He would laugh silently and his emotions were barely expressed. His seat was at the last end of the corner, this provided him some edge to remain alone and better view of his friend’s childish doing in the front. He was observant and his eyes knew exactly when to read or harmonize with those girls in the front seat. Just like most timid and demure guy suffer silently, blade of unexpressed love and hop sliced his heart. Over time he fell in a secret crush.  Though by himself he lacked courage to approach her but his reaction in her presence spilled most of  his secrets. Deki was fun loving and outgoing type. Her beauty was unblemished and her trendy dressing charmed it more. in her presence he fidgeted and his voice shook. His cheek would flush apple and by deki  revealed his secret feeling for her. Despite his shy nature, she teased him and sought means to converse. Days and months passed, the season changed.  Outside the flowers on the cherry plant blossomed, birds gathered grasses for making nest. One fine morning Phuntsho slipped a tiny letter inside the book which deki left on the table.  When she was back from the recess, she picked up the book and headed for the library. On the prior night she has finished her novel and was due for submission. She stared at the cover page for some minute, the title wrote in bold ‘ if only she knew” by james arther. She gently gave a kiss and shoved it among the endless shelves. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

to kill a mocking bird

I googled for some good books to read, and instantly they suggested me with long list of books. Many of the authors were stranger to me and haven’t read any of their work till date.  One book among them was the “kill a mocking bird” by Harper lee. I am reading her novel for the first time and it has enticed me to read more of her work. Its really an awesome book written in simple English, easy to understand and the plot in the story are also splendid. From what I perceived, the book covers every topic from love , crime and about racial scenario from  those times.  The main story talks about a widower Atticus and his two children jean and jem respectively. Dad is lawyer and he defends the innocent from the false conviction. He is a kind person and open minded, seen defending black people in the court against the white. Those times racial discrimination prevailed, we was rare for a white to fight in blacks cause. In fact his advice to his children was also noble, asking to treat everyone equal and condemned racism. The children are repeatedly spotted going to black church, even in court they seat in the black designated area.
 By and large the story is told from the perspective of the two children. Jeane is sister but more like guy type, outgoing and agile.  Brother jem and she would be fight over silly reasons , but at the end of the day their love remain strong.  They are adventurous and notorious often. When their friend dill joins for the vacation, they would be there would be more exploration.  There is a neighbor Arthur radley aka boo, who loves to remain mostly inside the house. the children feared him so much, yet curious to allure him outside, they devise lot of plans . they always perceive him to be dangerous and harmful especially despised kids. But things give different turn towards the end,  they loves him so much.
When tom robinson is convicted for a rape and man handling of white girl mydylla. But atticus is not convinced about the accusation, and defend him in a trail.  But he looses and even the tom is found death afterwards. Meanwhile the victims father ewell, a malicious and vicious man , avenges them for defending tom. His vengeance was so severe that he attempts to harm the two children. It was during a haloween pageant program , while the kids were returning by themselves from the school , they gets attacked. Tom assault them and try to kill them but boo come in rescue and he saves the children. Tom  is killed , jem is also injured bed ridden.  Unlce boo in contrary to what they perceived helps them and stays nearby jem .  Atticus put her to sleep and then goes to nurse jem. The story ends there..

Monday, 9 November 2015


It was my wish to write up some tribute to his majesty the king but I seriously lacked words to express myself. While going through the various encomiums posted in the page ´writers association of Bhutan”  I was mesmerized by the quality and the expression they have applied to their writings. It was really beautiful and articulate. Well on my part I am devoid of such skills and my ability to express is handicapped.  By and large the it may remain an individual talent to be able to write up any prose or tribute, but what is more important is the genuineness of the feeling we are putting into the writings.  i have also written some lines in dedication to the anniversary , however I feel my words are inadequate and lack any charm that normal writer are supposed to maintain. What we as a citizen of Bhutan should remember is that everything his majesty did for our nation is beyond any words of a writer. Very survival of nation is the sacrifice and service that his majesty did for us. The birth anniversary itself was divine blessing fulfilling the prophecy of sage terton drukdra dorji. With today his majesty turns 60, and is moment for a reflection to the past. its time to look back how our nation transgressed under the leadership of our king. Ruling through thick and thin periods of the history, with undeterred love and passion , his majesty sacrificed everything for the nation. Today Bhutan stands not simply as country but a happiest nation in the world. His majesty adorned our nation with all the elements to be appreciated by the whole world. Its under his sheer leadership that aspects of culture, heritage and livelihood of people seen vibrant changes that enticed the world wide. On the whole , our king will always remain our hero  and his deed for the nation will be inscribed in the heart of all generation to come. Thus I have written a simple poem for his majesty.

Six decades of love and kindness,
Reign of blessings and merriment.
Heaven played the song of harmony,
Rejoiced and cherished his endearment.
Here I salute to the king of unparalleled destiny.

Bestowed with unmatched charisma,
At very young age was he enthroned.
Enthroned with mystical ravens crown,
 Enshrined with equality, justice and kindness.
Ruled his subject as children of one family,
As father he protected and loved as mother.
Here I salute to the king, the parent of our nation.

Selfless service to the nation and peoples welfare,
Framed with the holistic philosophy of GNH
From roads, telephone to television,
In health, education and agriculture,
Tremendous developmental activities he pioneered.
Here I salute to the king, the architect of our nation.

Life and blood he sacrificed for the nation,
Wearing an armour of patriot and divine love.
Threats and enemies he vanquished thus,

 In glory and victory the flag of nation waved,
Praise to the king the patriot of the nation.

Lots of love on this joyous anniversary,
Tremendous happy returns of the day.
 Thank you and Kadrinche mewang cho,
You are greater than any words expressed.