Wednesday, 18 November 2015

to kill a mocking bird

I googled for some good books to read, and instantly they suggested me with long list of books. Many of the authors were stranger to me and haven’t read any of their work till date.  One book among them was the “kill a mocking bird” by Harper lee. I am reading her novel for the first time and it has enticed me to read more of her work. Its really an awesome book written in simple English, easy to understand and the plot in the story are also splendid. From what I perceived, the book covers every topic from love , crime and about racial scenario from  those times.  The main story talks about a widower Atticus and his two children jean and jem respectively. Dad is lawyer and he defends the innocent from the false conviction. He is a kind person and open minded, seen defending black people in the court against the white. Those times racial discrimination prevailed, we was rare for a white to fight in blacks cause. In fact his advice to his children was also noble, asking to treat everyone equal and condemned racism. The children are repeatedly spotted going to black church, even in court they seat in the black designated area.
 By and large the story is told from the perspective of the two children. Jeane is sister but more like guy type, outgoing and agile.  Brother jem and she would be fight over silly reasons , but at the end of the day their love remain strong.  They are adventurous and notorious often. When their friend dill joins for the vacation, they would be there would be more exploration.  There is a neighbor Arthur radley aka boo, who loves to remain mostly inside the house. the children feared him so much, yet curious to allure him outside, they devise lot of plans . they always perceive him to be dangerous and harmful especially despised kids. But things give different turn towards the end,  they loves him so much.
When tom robinson is convicted for a rape and man handling of white girl mydylla. But atticus is not convinced about the accusation, and defend him in a trail.  But he looses and even the tom is found death afterwards. Meanwhile the victims father ewell, a malicious and vicious man , avenges them for defending tom. His vengeance was so severe that he attempts to harm the two children. It was during a haloween pageant program , while the kids were returning by themselves from the school , they gets attacked. Tom assault them and try to kill them but boo come in rescue and he saves the children. Tom  is killed , jem is also injured bed ridden.  Unlce boo in contrary to what they perceived helps them and stays nearby jem .  Atticus put her to sleep and then goes to nurse jem. The story ends there..