Monday, 14 December 2015


Fisherman and his wife lived in a secluded hut nearby the river bank. He was very caring and hardworking husband. Every day he went for fishing and then took it to the market for selling. With that money, he bought enough provisions to last for a week. He also bought clothes and gifts for his wife who really endeared surprise from him.  She was a modest housewife, sincere and hardworking. She would wake up early, complete her chores and share her bed tea together. They adored each other very much. One fateful day the husband was out for fishing. The weather otherwise fine in the morning changed. Thunders rumbled and sky blackened menacingly. It started to rain, the torrent gushed aloud. She felt anxious and kept her vigil on the wall clock. Incessant rain made her scared and her pulse increased. She stayed put and crossed fingers for her husband's safety. At length the sky slowly cleared and the sun reappeared.
When the rain stopped she stepped out, headed for the stream. The river had swollen alarmingly. She went to the spot where sometimes they went together for fishing.  Presently she saw nothing. She checked all around but in vain. After a frantic search, she just came upon a pile of his clothing and the lunch box she had packed. Even his fishing gears lied haphazardly. On closer inspection she saw something disturbing.  She knew he had slipped off the rock.  Knew not what to do, she cried and yelled. He would not be there for her bed tea; no one will surprise her with gifts.  She remembered his kind and caring words. Above all she knew she had lost her savior.  She looked at her fingers that were blotchy and diminishing with leprosy. When she was ostracized and forbidden by the society, not even her parents stood by her side.  She was a disgrace and ignominious to her family. However empowered by love, he did not abandon her. Her skin distorted and beauty degraded, but his love remained undeterred. In fact, he pitied and loved her ever more.
Slowly she immersed her feet in the water running cold, currents hit her hard. This time, she plunged deeper and disappeared. The next day husband reached home panting and perspiring. The doors were open and windows creaked with winds. When he did not find her inside, he headed to the river. Only her slippers lied over the stones. He could not hold his tears, after so many years of enormous pain and struggle leprosy did not take her life but the river.