Monday, 31 October 2016


You will never know how difficult is the work of the framers untill you get inside the field.  The golden paddy has been harvested and dried in the field . It was such a apprehensive moment for the farmers,  everyone knows that even a mild  drizzle of rain after the  harvest will bring a significant damage.  The grains in contact with rain will start germintaing . So by and large , it was Dave against the time.
This back breaking work could have been much worst in the past when there were no roads and power tiller. atleast farm road on the edge of the field is minimizing our workload.  We have to just carry it till th road where it will loaded in the tractor.

With no external labour hired our own family memeber had to consolidate our strength to complete the task before the dust. It was fun test to our muscles and good exercise.  With less experience in such work I was faced with funny tease from the cousin.
It was such wonderful experience at the end of the day.  We made it before the dust , it was a huge refief. The supper and lunch were the best time of the day. Work and appetite are directly proportional. Sumptuous meals at the end  the work really invigorates out strength and agility.

Beautiful slippery gourd garland. This vegetable is known as olachoto in our vernacular language,  it's direct translation means crow's beak. However many erroneously call it as crows beak, it's actual name is slippery gourd.
This vines were growing vigorously untill drop in temperature all of sudden in the past few days has caused a significant damage. The commencement of  frosting,  kills the palnt very rapidly. Well, before the entire plants give in to the frost , it's wise to pluck the fruits for subsequent drying .
Drying vegetable is the most reliable method to store vegetable for off-season.  It's an age-old tradition which is more prominent in drying chilli and turnip leaves   called as `lom`.
My whole day business , taking down the vines to collect the fruits for drying.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

A day.

pic: Google.

Wake-up call plays with a country song,
Pressed the snooz and got back to sleep.
Few minutes of silence until  Donwillaims,
Strum the strings,singing whiskey lullaby.
 The golden rays of the sun hits the curtain,
I brushed it apart to let the warmth come in.

The winter has put up in my room late-night.
It's cold , i strectched and sliced the chilled air.
Through the glass of my room window ,
Saw the glimpse of the first snow on the peaks.
Amongst the fringes of the dancing willow,
Flocks of sparrows perched and sings.
Onto the screen in the phone over the pillow.
My crush greets the day with hugs of smiles.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The sight of so many vendor , sitting alongside the pavement in the heart of Thimphu town is very unpleasant.  In the first place they are blocking the way thereby creating congestion and overcrowding the path. Given , the pathway thronged with so many peiple all the time , there presence make it worse. It's not a pleasant scene , where vendors and people all crowded in one area. The condition is depicting the same scenario  of some Indian bazar where human ,animals and cars all occupy the same space. Selling produces on a walking way is not proper if we look form the health angle This path way is used non stop, dust and pullution can easily fall on the things displayedon the floor.Allowing such practise also creates environment issues, since plastic and unwanted debris makes the surrounding dirty.  For instance,  the gullies in between the building are filled with vegetables debris and plastics , blocking the drainage which eventually sends reek of bad smell right in the town.

Last time after the ban on pedlars selling thukpas and other stuffs at late night , the condition of the town has seen lots of changes. It was cleaner and better with less congestion.  It also reduced the rate of misdoings and crime by the party goers. However things are repeating again.  Though less of pedlars selling delicacies,  the number of vegetable vendor are increasing.  Before the situation become unmanageable,  I think government should intervene.  We should not allow people to occupy as and where they like. Government should seriously look into the matter and come up with reliable solution.
Today , vendors occupy the steps leading to local bus terminal,main town and other corners.  These sellers should be shifted to a proper place with good shelter facility. Without providing them with designated place I think it will be difficult to move the sellers anymore. Their condition also looks desperate with massive number of people into this business
On the whole, i think government or the concerned authorities should take up the matter seriously and take necessary action. That by saying i mean something reliable and credible intervention, that can create a win win situation. .

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Travelling to Thimphu by a cab. Taxi terminal has so many number of taxis, which exceed the number of commuter by far.  Over the past years the number of taxi has  increased by an alarming figure. The taxi driver has faced the problem of severe competition . In the face of a big competition for the passenger , the are often compelled to travel on reduced fee. For instance,  usually it cost Nu. 200 to ply bewtween Thimphu and paro,  but they travel at 150 when there are huge number of taxis.
Recently the increased number of an Indian cars plying in Bhutan has come as a very serious threat to the local taxi operator. Paro alone has seen a staggering number of Indian cars ,plying to and fro , touring with passengers.  Allowing such movement of forgein cars can seriously hamper the local taxi business. Increase in the number of foregin cars also have an  adverse affect on the environment and surrounding.  Given this , we are really in need for an implementation of policy to regulate the number of indain cars . Either the number of cars entering our country should be limited or policy such as allowing them to enter only in the designated area and disallowing local tour. This can really help the local taxis and also mitigate traffic congestion.

Today we can see lots of cars carrying westbengal number plates. It's apparent that the tour agents in jaigon are making whopping income in our own country.  It's high time we need to refrom this policy pertaining to regional tourists and the entry of cars.  Beside such taffic issues , we are experiencing huge environmental pollution.  For instance the route to Taktshang is now filled with litters all the way. The uncontrolled number of regional tourists , poses a threat of environmental degradation and also hamper the those high-end tourist from other countries.

Monday, 24 October 2016

What peculiar thing you notice about this tree?  This tree has five heads on a single trunk. It's is very rare for a tree to have five heads. Well, there may be trees with five branches but it is not the same as this one. There is an age-old believe that such tree are the tree of God's. It's significance and sacredness has been put into the lyrics in our flok songs.
People also believe that this tree can fulfil our dreams and aspirations. Since I have lots of dreams , i am thinking of asking her to grant my wishes too. If you are also interested in seeing this tree, you can visit lango school. The tree grows right afront the principal quarter.
The tree being a cypress , has added to its spiritual value and sacredness. However , this tree is not as popular as you are expecting it to be. I have discovered it myself just recently. I am not sure if people are even aware of its presence or perhaps devoid of its spiritual significance, but I haven't heard a word about this tree being discussed anywhere. Hence I feel I am the only one to discover it , but I don't claim it officially.
In line with this , it is good to know about other things that we Buddhist worship and accord spiritual significance. We strongly rever and protect the lakes. It's understood any agitation and wrongdoing near the lake can infuriate the gods and disaster will befall on us. There are stories of six boys which later was developed into major motion pictures talking about the wrath of angry gods.  In the other hand , doing good and respecting these lakes can bless us with life and fortune.  Likewise,  We worship trees , caves which are considered residing abode for saints and scholars. In the mountains we believe,  dieties reside which take cares of the splendid peaks and the environment. This kind of respect and mentality has helped our country in the conservation and protection of our environment.  We standout in biodiversity conservation and we are the first carbon neutral country in the world. Backstopped by our strong cultural and spiritual essence , our dynamic leaders , strong national commitments,we are able to keep our environment and diversity intact.

Back to the point , just like I respect this tree everyone should start doing the same.  It's not important to whether to consider it as god or not but what is more important is we need to respect the nature and learn to leave in harmony with it. As much as we respect we should avoid feeling trees unnecessarily.  We should not contaminate water and pristine lakes. Garbage should be well taken care of.  On the whole we hsould be a responsible man , to help protect our nature and also keep abreast of our age-old believe and culture. 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

What do you interpret from this picture. It was drawn by my little brother on the wall near the door.He elucidateds that it was drawn to show the parents, where he has hidden the key.  Usually when we go out , we use to hide the key in the electric meter box which stands right above the door . However,  on that particular day he explained that he noticed some peoplewho actually saw him while taking out the key. So after his lunch , he changed the hiding palce and placed it inside a small jug. He could not remember the spelling of a key so drew a picture of key and then a jug, which he wrote beneath as Juk. .Haha it was very wise idea of him to put his concern and alertness into picture. .

Thursday, 20 October 2016

This is the tiny flicker of flame from the butter lamp. It's always overwheming to enjoy the beauty of the flame in the pitch darkness, for this very reason I prefer sleeping in the altar room. What is more splendid is when the faces of the little satute illuminated under the low light of the lamp.Such sight is soothing and ease the mind from all negative defilement,  stress and invigorate our mental strength.
As I keep watching the flame gradually dance in an elegant move. As it shake and flicker , the whole night is enchanted by her graceful dance. What assit her dance is the song playing from my phone. Sweeter the lyrics appear , better her dance assumed.

What I regret is the moths who are staring from outside seeking every chance to arrest her attention. Perhaps i am  cruel because I have shielded the lamp in a glass case to debar the moths from assaluting her beauty.  Well, it should be a good cruelty becasue I don't want those innocent lovestircken flies to burn themselves to death. Sometimes , they not only burn themselves but kill the flame as well, which is a big tragedy.

Next time you are given the choice , choose the altar room to get a sound sleep and enjoy the dancing flame. I am sure you will get enchanted and spelled by her mesmerizing beauty.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Only because you get closer.

ICARIUS fell in love with the sun,
But she burnt his wings and waxes.
Only because he flew closer to her.

Moths got enticed with the flame,
But she burn his wings and his love .
Only because he got closer to her.

Fish got allured by the bait ,
but hook tear his flesh and his love,
Only because he got closer to it.

Elephant is enthralled by the cool mud,
But the mud traps and kills him slow.
Only because he got closer  to it.

Monday, 17 October 2016

I wonder if someone could exactly put the feeling of unrequited love into a lines. Experience of such unsuccessful love story where either man declined to accept a woman or vice versa is long-lasting.  
I got my first rejection from my first crush.Back then I was young boy with almost immature heart. What we must know is that love doesn't have age,  feelings and emotions can develop at any age , however my case It was beyond the bearing capacity of my heart.  It was a  painful moment to get rejected. Nonetheless , the world doesn't end there, we begin to heal and move forward. The hangover of such feelings might longer  for longer days if we do not try to get rid of the attachment. Being unable to reduce an attachment can make the things worse. You succumb to illness called as lovesick. Such sickness are weired and often self_damaging.  It can gradually deprive  our strength and energy. Getting rid of love and attachment in  view to get rid of the pain of rejection  is difficult.  Genuine love can makes things harder.

Not long after my first failure , I got the second rejection. Wonder, what made her very attractive and alluring to have ensnared my heart. After , months of secret gaze and stolen glances , it is such a dismay to get into an unreciprocated love , which we call it as penlop.  Girls take conferring penlop as partly pride and dignity. Little do they understand the pain and distress inflicted upon another person.

Wish that was the end of such unsuccessful story but it isn't . No matter how many times you get rejected and how many times you break your heart, eventually the time and fate will heal our wound. Heart doesnt  really leaves you alone, because  It will forget every past and start opening a new chapter.   
Latest incidence has also put a deep gash in my heart. After long hours of chatting and conversation I have dveloped so much of attachment. What kills you more is the sweet words and voice , this are like traps that catch you and kill you. No matter what,  the ultimate cause of suffering is the attachment.  If we can control this than nothing can cause much a big issue.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The place was at decehnphu. I have nrver even dreamt that the day would have such a tremendous impact on my life. The single incident just  turned the tide which was restrained within me . Let me not bit around the bush,  point is I had a cross. I crossed with my intimate  highschool friend. That was just a coincidence but listen Its something more than just a cross. The friend of mine got some company, two girls.   It was that moment which knitted a new episode in my life story.

By nature I am not a quick person but listen I got her number quicker than I anticipated. Again it is nothing surprising because you know I have  put my friend into use. Well,what is the use of having the contact,  when I lacked the stomach to call. Few days I scrolled her contact and did not diall,  very effortless. I typed her number and then erased it altogether, I did that many times. Atlast , I besought the help of my friend again. It eased my situation. He has done the introduction,  rest was  my job.

Things assumed its shape quickly.  Our call stretched untill the  late night. I could crack jokes and she would burst into laughter. We share same affinity for singing , she has a appealing voice but my own was otherwise. She liked listening to short fable, i would narrate those few I knew. We would walk along the foot path and about the park overlooking the river. We rummaged through carpet of grasses for a lucky leaf. She love flowers , we gathered dandelion ,daffodils , grasses and created small bouquet. 

There are more memories than I can remember . I have painted enough colors of moments on the pages of my memory. Our conversation over the phone was always memorable.  We spill all our emotions , feelings, sometimes over silly reasons we get outraged and  hot argument ensued . However these issues were short lived, we sprang back to normal just the next day.  This was how we lived, our bond became bolder and affection grew stronger.

We  wanted to tie knot,  she wanted a twins; I wanted a boy.  Having said that , we never engaged ourselves physically.  Furthest was a kiss inside the theatre,  a brisk kiss and nothing more. We were decided to stay  away from it untill the marriage. We, wanted to  Inform our parents . She was from  pemagatshel in the east,  her mother stood by her decision and did not object. She did not have a  father.

My mom is a simple ,tight-lipped woman, it's my father who verifies my decision. I told him our affair and how we met. He was delighted to listen to my story and didn't reprove. He asked about her family whereabouts. Her only mother Tshering  was from tahsigang , she didn't have father.  After her mom was conceived,  father never came back. Mom didn't share his name too.

Heaven forbid! "The  girl you are trying to marry is your sister."  His eyes became wet and even I could  no longer fight back my tears.  He said , "it all happend on fateful  night,   when i forced my way Into tsjeirngs hut, on a night hunt. It was my first time and the  worst.  She became pregnant, I knew it but I was deprived of strength to accept the fact. Meanwhile , my training got over and came to thimphu . It's been 25 years, I haven't gone back . 


From behind the hill,
She brush aside her hair and peek.
In the dark velvet of sky,
Million diamonds of stars are sprayed.
From the endless flow of the  river,
Chilling breeze is blowing.
On atop the distant mountains ,
Poles of flags are fluttering.
On the temple perched afar,
Resounds a bell of sanctity.
Amid the bed of lonsomeness,
I lull my heart in solitude.



From behind the hill,
She brush aside her hair and peek.
In the dark velvet of sky,
Million diamonds of stars are sprayed.
From the endless flow of the  river,
Chilling breeze is blowing.
On atop the distant mountains ,
Poles of flags are fluttering.
On the temple perched afar,
Resounds a bell of sanctity.
Amid the bed of lonsomeness,
I lull my heart in solitude.

I am overwhelmed to be able to capture this absolutely stunning moon in real time. I am seeing this happening for the first time . The lovely moon peeking from behind the hill overlooking the Thimphi city.
The glimmer of small lights below is the panoramic view of the city.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Tsheiring made with a fatal accident.  The taxi she was ferrying collided with a truck and was crushed flat.  Other passgengers did not make alive ,she somehow survived but sustained critical injuries. Bloods splashed the accident spot, she bleeded heavily too. All she could recall was the fleeting scene of the truck speeding inbound out of control. The driver slammed the brake but it was too late.The passing vehicles pulled over to help the victims. Tshering was  rushed to the hospital.
Her body looked fine except for the deep gash on the forehead that opened blood like a river. She was layed on the stretcher and rolled into an emergency chamber. In the reception counter the officials and doctors  gathered for a  brief discussion. 
Shortly, the  man who brought her to the hospital was called in. They explained him that she needed an immediate surgery as her internal organs were significantly damaged . Her internal bleeding had to be stop by anymeans . Quickly a bill amounting to a million was handed to him. In a most gentle voice the doctor said, "with due respect I understand your patients conditon,  so I urge you to immediately deposit the bill to avoid further delay which may cost her life, thank you sir".
His heart beat raced,the  blood flushed the veins in his skin. Had it never been the accident , he did not know tshering at all. He  helped her because he was the first person to reach the accident spot on that day. Before he could Utter a word the doctors left.
An ambulance rushed in bringing another victims of a road accident. The dead were rolled into the mortuary chamber and the injured man was shoved inside the operation threatre for subsequent surgery. He looked at the counter while the reatives cleared the bill and completed the necessary protocol.
He tried looking for contacts and her  relatives but in vain. One hour has passed since she was placed inside an emergency room. Not a single soul bothered about  the condition of his patient. Eventually he signed a check of one million shoved it inside the counter. Immediately a siren was buzzed and doctors came rushing.
He was barred from entering the emergency chamber. Shortly, the tsherings body was was rolled out. This time the blood her body has dried and her body was lifeless. She has  bravely fought one hour for her survival but it was too late. Slowly,  tshering was rolled towards the mortuary room where the other casualties were placed.
His heart shrunk . Doctors reasoned him that her heart was punctured due to massive impact from the accident. The doctors felt medically vindicated and left to attend other patients.
I can imagine the conditon of the people in Thailand after the demise of their beloved king.  It was even shared in the face book the images of people breaking down over the tragic news. My hearts also goes to the peeople on Thailand. May He have the quick rebirth and as a another legendary dharmic king.Our king and the entire nation also stand in solidarity;equally sharing your pain and grief. 
The nation declared October we as holiday to provide time to the people in visiting temples and light butterlamps for the passing away of the king of Thailand.
Well, looking at the height of the pain and sadness in the hearts of Thai people , we can also reflect how profound and genuine is their love for their Majesty. Every heart bleeds sewing the years in their eyes. It tells the world what kind of king he was to the country.  His reign has really moved the hearts of his people and nation.
 Bhutan also share lot similarities as in the government sysytem and religion.By and large both the countries are inspired by the doctorines of Buddhism in keeping the society live and peache and harmony.
The monarchy in Bhutan aslo enjoys the profound love of the Bhutanese people. All the kings has reigned the country with utmost love ,compassion and dedication. They are the founding father's of what Bhutan as country stand today. Their blood and sacrfices are engraved in the history. 
Meanwhile , I also wish longetivity and good health to our kings . 

My heart is burning,
I know you won't feel the heat,
Because it's burning cold.
My heart is weeping,
I know you won't hear my cry,
Because I am weeping silence.
My eyes are loosing tears ,
I know you won't see it,
Because I am giving in quiet.
My arms are stripped bare,
I know you won't see it,
Because I am holding onto loneliness.
My hands are writing poems,
I know you won't read it,
Because I am writing blank.

I am singing songs,
I know you won't heart it,
Because my lyrics are same and old.

Monday, 10 October 2016

You are in a long queue.
Waiting turn for the prostation.
It's inside the temple,
Altar is packed with people.
You need to remove your shoes,
Reek of socks fills the air.
Worst is yet to come,
You entered the room with torn socks.