Monday, 31 October 2016

Beautiful slippery gourd garland. This vegetable is known as olachoto in our vernacular language,  it's direct translation means crow's beak. However many erroneously call it as crows beak, it's actual name is slippery gourd.
This vines were growing vigorously untill drop in temperature all of sudden in the past few days has caused a significant damage. The commencement of  frosting,  kills the palnt very rapidly. Well, before the entire plants give in to the frost , it's wise to pluck the fruits for subsequent drying .
Drying vegetable is the most reliable method to store vegetable for off-season.  It's an age-old tradition which is more prominent in drying chilli and turnip leaves   called as `lom`.
My whole day business , taking down the vines to collect the fruits for drying.