Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The real bitch..

Few girls were walking down the road. Just then a dog pounced on a chicken nearby and escaped with it . The owner , an aged man  tried chasing the thief dog however in vain. The dog ran passed the goup of girls in walking ahead. The old man yelled , "hey there you go, old bitch".
The girls reacted to the words, "you clumsy old dick" another said ,"you old crooked loser" , all laughed at their own reply and walked away. Old man muttered to himself , " heaven only  knows , who the real bitches are? The dog or those girls moving the same road.....

Saturday, 19 November 2016

A surprise news.

After seeing a request for an immediate blood donation in the news paper , karma decides to visit the  hospital. It was his long-standing dream to volunteer in such social services. Meanwhile in the hospital, his blood were extracted and screened for detailed examination.  He sat on the bench in the hall, awaiting confirmation of his blood sample. He felt restless, decided go about the hall reading the long medical information pasted across the wall. Just in , a nurse called out his name and ushered him to the chamber .
The door was ajar,he could see the doctor on his chair scribbling something on a paper. Few more doctors joined from inside the adjacent chamber.  He was called in.
The doctors thanked and appreciated his invaluable service . Everything was fine until one of the doctor broke an unexpected news to him, "We are sorry, you a have HIV infection" . All the hell broke loose on him, he was dazed.  Therafter he could not hear all the consolation and advices other personnel were trying to convey to him. He was told to be strong and visit the hospital for regular  counselling and relevant medication . 
His dreams and his happiness came tumbling upon his head. He helped himself to the washroom and sobbed like a baby. He recalled his moments back in the college in india,  strolling the passage through  the red light city. He regretted every bits of memories that has pushed him to this tragedy in his life but he realized it was too late for anything good to occur now.. 
In the subsequent days he amassed his courage and febble strength left within him. He attended hospital for constant counselling and worked on his means to live his life as HIV infected person. Back in his heart he always wished for  something breakthrough that could do miracle for every HIV Patients like himself. However he knew it would be very late or never .

Friday, 18 November 2016

Disaster .

Today a fire broke out from a shop near the  Lango school. The cause of the fire is yet to be established . We were at the scene right when the fire started to emanate. Initially there were huge smokes and fumes coming all out from the house ,later the fire started to blaze.
We were dazed and couldn't do anything untill someone took initiative to help shift the things. Some hostile things were readily shifted and reached to safer places.  Meanwhile the fire fighters arrived at the scene.  The fire by then has become very big and the blaze filled the air. It was a horrifying scenario.
From what i saw during the ordeal,I assume the firebrigade car has no sufficient water. There were two vehicle one big and another smaller one dispatched to contain the fire. Had it not been the small stream near the school, the quantity of water in the car would  not have managed to contain the fire. The people who were present at the scene help create a pool to refill the brigade car.

Well, before this disaster could end, a dramatic, totally shocking accident took place.  The smaller firefigting car ,which was parked near the stream for refilling somehow speeded up itself injuring few people on the way untill it hit an electricpole. Thereafter the attention for the fire  dissipated in the spot. The victims were rushed to the hospital. Later we understood ,about five people were injured , among which two were forwarded to Thimphu for emergency. After much effort the fire was brought under control and finally contained towards the night.

Form what I witnessed in that short period of disaster , I felt that there is a need of more trained fire brigades. Although those at the scene did gave their best effort but lots of lapses were being observed. In the first place I think police should delinate the area and prevent other vehicle from entering the zone. Well,this can avoid unnecessary secondary disaster in the event of major hazard. Some personnel should immediately chase the children near the scene.  Children  really pose a risk in such incidents; we should safeguard their lives .  They must also keep the brigade car fully equipped and battle ready round the clock, as we know disaster might strike anytime.  I think ,today's accident might not have happened if the brigade team had adequate training and know-how on disaster management.  They allegedly left the car without driver when it started to speed up on its own . They should also think of means to keep the car filled with water regardless of time. Many similar tragic incident occured after the car has supposedly squandered previous minutes in refilling the tank during major disaster.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


I don't remember seeing Facebook pages being flooded with status when Bhutan elected it's prime minister. But when its presidential election day in USA, Bhutanese are discussing as if it's Donald Trump and Clinton who are  becoming the president og BHUTAN.  This is a huge irony,  wanting to know more about other countries and whereas interest to our national event doesn't even come close. 
Well, it's is good to know about world news and keep abreast of the latest happening but it's not very necessary to take it online , discuss,  debate about their story. For instance , some  people already started regretting Trump as  the new president,  they have gone as far as writing abusive , dissatisfaction etc on the wake of the Trump being elected as the new president. 
I feel, many Bhutanese are analysts trying to predict the future of America under their new leadership.  Nobody has assigned us to analyse their future and  it doesn't also look very rational to discuss about other countries internal affairs , asif it's our own. I think who and what becomes the leader of other countries should not be much of humongous interest to us.  In fact , no matter what and how much we might discuss or debate online would not even make a sense to them. Taking this on board, we should be aware of what we are discussing online. As metioned earlier , news such as president of USA, discusing about them like we are an American citizen doesn't look credible.  Rather , if we involve in bringing up relevant internal topics pertaining to national interest and concerns than it would be much appreciable.  That by saying doesnt mean bringing up issues which may affect the national peace and stability, this should not happen. Anything which can spark unrest violence should be avoided. 
Well, we have 2018 coming by. I am anxious to see how we react to the election i the online forum.  I  have a big doubt.


It's a dead of night,
You are awake all alone.
Staring at the empty ceiling ,
asif stars shine from there.
Minds are restless ,
In their own fantasy.
Bites from the starved fleas,
Spare not even your asses.

Sunday, 6 November 2016


This  game is  called as "seven stone". It was our favourite while we were kids. For safety reasons we have replaced the seven stones with wooden slabs. Now the basic rule is very easy and fascinating.  The team will be divided into two groups with equal number of members. One group will be assailant and other will be fugitives. One member from any group has to hit the stones and dishevel the stake with a ball. Then immediately they need to run away else other opponent will hit the ball and you you are dismissed. However if you can escape their hit and quickly come back to the spot to stake the stones together then you  win the match. You should take precaution not to get hit before  all the stones are staked together completely. Suppose all members are hit before they can stake the stones other will be declared the winner. Hence,  they will get the privilege to break the stakes for next game.

Long time back this game used to dominate our leisure times. We do play many other games like 'hide and sneak ' , 'War(bang bang), ring goal etc. It was usual for us to get into minor brawl in the process of the play but it would be short lived . After few hours will reconcile again. As a kids we did not know the limits,  We play till  dust and even skipp our  lunch. In the night we will be reprimanded for not heeding to our parents. However nothing would deter us from entertaining ourselves with all sorts of fantastic game. Especially the war game would be played so realistically, a  makebelieve act where will have hostage, guns and rescue teams  etc.  
Seeing the children play this game afterlong time gives a strange nostalgic feeling. The game and it's principle hasn't changed but the palying spot has changed drastically.  Our time houses were less and our playground large but things are otherwise today.  Child hood days are the best days where we need not worry about anything. All day play and entertainment.  These privilege declines as we grow up. We cannot be as carefree , we should be responsible,  deligent,  etc. That main essence of childhood is carefree but it is not the same case with grown ups. 
Only way to reminisce the lost childhood is to act like one. Playing with kids and follwing their command can really take us back to the past.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

My granny

My granny would sit and chant prayers at the edge of the window . This is her favourite spot and she do not let anyone mess  with her sit. From the same corner she used to narrate stories while we were small. Her scary stories would put us to sleep very early.  She was not as old as she is right now, this can be understood by the colour of her hair at present.  Today her hair has turn so grey and her gums lack lower teeth. However her ageing hasn't deprive  her strength and vigour , she is still the undisputed housekeeper.
I am really grateful for what she is doing to us. Infact , we will miss her absence more than anyone because she is our mom in acting.  Preparing our meals, cleaning premises and never failing to provide us with tea whenever we are sitting idle. She is very fond of tea and snacks, though it sounds childish.
She takes doma but owing to her toothless gum, we help in grinding her doma. From the edge of the window she would look outside and gaze the village in awe. The village has undergone an unprecedented change over the year's.  Once a dark ,dispersed settlement is now a mini town. Roads and electricity has given a newlife to the village.
In winter when the days are very cold, we would stick near the Bukhar ( traditional heater) .  Since I usually get up very early, I get privilege to enjoy either hot porridge or rice wine with her. At night i often miss the dinner as I doze off near the bukhari , in close proximity to the cats who would be snoring right next to the heater.

Friday, 4 November 2016


Maya lived in an old hut all by herself.  Her only child passed away in a fatal accident one year back. Today is a  Diwali , she has to dispel the darkness with anything available. Few candles were lit up and placed it in the front of her hut.   She watched and listened as the village enlivened itself with songs and parties.  The night was starry and the air was frosty.
Dilwali came once in a while,  She knew it very well. Families came together, rejoiced with songs and laughter.  Meals would be grant and delicious.  Maya, checked her kitchen and found only a handful of rice flour.  She got down to make few pieces of shalroti for her dinner.
Slowly few group of boys gathered outside singing and expecting her appearance. They sang verses of prayers and wished for her good health,  she needed to drop some money to them.
'May love abounds in aunties house,
May wealth prospers in aunties house,
May good health prevails in aunties house,
May you live long and happy'.  Others chorused ' dowshure.'
She placed a 100 note  and some marigold flower in the bowl. They left her house in pursuit of other households,  She drew a big smile moved inside.
On the floor the shard from a broken piggy bank lay scattered. She gathered and staked the shards upon each other. Placing her head on the pillow, she wished herslef good night.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Love mantra.

Today i was watching the movie Phurba Thinley,  starring all-time superstar comedian phurba Thinley.  It was full of fun and entertainment.  We were dissolved into a hysteric laughter . 
One particular event which arrested my attention was the love mantra. It was really eyeopening act to me. Imagine a verse which  when chanted for many times and working it's magic  on an edible object. Subsequently when eaten by the person we love , can fall in love unconditionally.  
So this was the basic principle. 
If only it is true then I have no reluctance to by heart this mantras for any number of  times. Especially for a lovelorn fellow , it will be a huge blessing and tactics to win someone's heart.  
I have heard similar stories from my parent's and the older people. This system of mantras were prevalent during ancient times where some people secretly try to die a women's heart. Much similar to this mantra was an mystical elixir , believed to be tapped from a very old and scared tree in the wilderness.  The tree is supposed to be a pair of pine tree,  which are entangled together as if they are making out. This kind of existence is rare and considered divine. Meanwhile,  It is believed that the trees produce  some powder with magical powers of love. This mythical love elixer when mixed with food and given to the one we love , can do wonders. It will abound unlimited love.
This kind of myths and are also widely believed in Hinduism.  Shaminism,  can cast the spell on the girl or boy and win their heart. But only feared believe is that it will cause uncontrollable love and feelings.

This So called love mantra has really distracted me. It remains a complete mystery though.  One day I may come across one who can reveal the secrets of love mantra.  Till then it will remain a mystery