Friday, 18 November 2016

Disaster .

Today a fire broke out from a shop near the  Lango school. The cause of the fire is yet to be established . We were at the scene right when the fire started to emanate. Initially there were huge smokes and fumes coming all out from the house ,later the fire started to blaze.
We were dazed and couldn't do anything untill someone took initiative to help shift the things. Some hostile things were readily shifted and reached to safer places.  Meanwhile the fire fighters arrived at the scene.  The fire by then has become very big and the blaze filled the air. It was a horrifying scenario.
From what i saw during the ordeal,I assume the firebrigade car has no sufficient water. There were two vehicle one big and another smaller one dispatched to contain the fire. Had it not been the small stream near the school, the quantity of water in the car would  not have managed to contain the fire. The people who were present at the scene help create a pool to refill the brigade car.

Well, before this disaster could end, a dramatic, totally shocking accident took place.  The smaller firefigting car ,which was parked near the stream for refilling somehow speeded up itself injuring few people on the way untill it hit an electricpole. Thereafter the attention for the fire  dissipated in the spot. The victims were rushed to the hospital. Later we understood ,about five people were injured , among which two were forwarded to Thimphu for emergency. After much effort the fire was brought under control and finally contained towards the night.

Form what I witnessed in that short period of disaster , I felt that there is a need of more trained fire brigades. Although those at the scene did gave their best effort but lots of lapses were being observed. In the first place I think police should delinate the area and prevent other vehicle from entering the zone. Well,this can avoid unnecessary secondary disaster in the event of major hazard. Some personnel should immediately chase the children near the scene.  Children  really pose a risk in such incidents; we should safeguard their lives .  They must also keep the brigade car fully equipped and battle ready round the clock, as we know disaster might strike anytime.  I think ,today's accident might not have happened if the brigade team had adequate training and know-how on disaster management.  They allegedly left the car without driver when it started to speed up on its own . They should also think of means to keep the car filled with water regardless of time. Many similar tragic incident occured after the car has supposedly squandered previous minutes in refilling the tank during major disaster.