Sunday, 6 November 2016


This  game is  called as "seven stone". It was our favourite while we were kids. For safety reasons we have replaced the seven stones with wooden slabs. Now the basic rule is very easy and fascinating.  The team will be divided into two groups with equal number of members. One group will be assailant and other will be fugitives. One member from any group has to hit the stones and dishevel the stake with a ball. Then immediately they need to run away else other opponent will hit the ball and you you are dismissed. However if you can escape their hit and quickly come back to the spot to stake the stones together then you  win the match. You should take precaution not to get hit before  all the stones are staked together completely. Suppose all members are hit before they can stake the stones other will be declared the winner. Hence,  they will get the privilege to break the stakes for next game.

Long time back this game used to dominate our leisure times. We do play many other games like 'hide and sneak ' , 'War(bang bang), ring goal etc. It was usual for us to get into minor brawl in the process of the play but it would be short lived . After few hours will reconcile again. As a kids we did not know the limits,  We play till  dust and even skipp our  lunch. In the night we will be reprimanded for not heeding to our parents. However nothing would deter us from entertaining ourselves with all sorts of fantastic game. Especially the war game would be played so realistically, a  makebelieve act where will have hostage, guns and rescue teams  etc.  
Seeing the children play this game afterlong time gives a strange nostalgic feeling. The game and it's principle hasn't changed but the palying spot has changed drastically.  Our time houses were less and our playground large but things are otherwise today.  Child hood days are the best days where we need not worry about anything. All day play and entertainment.  These privilege declines as we grow up. We cannot be as carefree , we should be responsible,  deligent,  etc. That main essence of childhood is carefree but it is not the same case with grown ups. 
Only way to reminisce the lost childhood is to act like one. Playing with kids and follwing their command can really take us back to the past.