Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Youth into farming

Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to get a decent job despite qualification.  Unemployment rate is shooting up and it will seemingly continue. The simplest logic is that our country is small and the population is ever magnifying. So we cannot simply go on blaming gov for the lack of jobs, instead it's time we look for greener pastures elsewhere , not necessarily in the gov or private service's.
Farming in today's world is way stigmatised, and more of younger generation displaying indifferent attitude towards it. That said, there are people with qualified background, renouncing even  their job and taking up such venture .There are people willing to push against the odds and accomplish big dreams.

It would be unfair to say  that gov jobs simply warrant our survival . There thriving and prospering in gov service is bleak. In fact to get the facts straight there are  civil servants who struggle even  to make their ends meet.  High rent, living standards, expensive things , etc. These  factors attribute to the ever difficulty working in the Urban area's. Well that said  life doenst stop here. There are silver linings to catch in so many other endeavours.

Today it's more about making money and thriving in the current world. It's about entrepreneurship, it's business and it's about service. Amidst this whirlpool of venture, an agriculture and farming as means for income and prosperity has accentuated like never before. Given the significance of farming in contributing to our national goals of self sufficiency, it has unfurled a wide scope for youths to embark upon .

 But farming is easier said than done. That's the fact. It's not simply about spades and soil- digging work. Today, its more about farm mechanization and Labour saving, given increased Labour shortage. In so doing, we not only reduce dependency on Labour, the work efficiency is enhanced, money saved, higher out put is assured.  Likewise, proper planning, forging good relation with research centres, experienced personnel, exploring information would help in easing the drudgery and optimising the output.

Since farming is a broad phenomenon, there are ample of things to explore and get the best out of it. There are techniques and methodologies, designs, approaches , which if  considered could assure higher return  from the same area of plot. By and large, most of the our landholding is limited , so it's favourable for a farming techniques that could accommodate mixed produces, like fruit, vegetables  spices etc.from the same field. That could be done through, multi -tier system, mixed cropping, inter-cropping so forth. This way we can ensure diversity and reduce risk of crop failure.

All said and done, it is a good sign to see many more educated people inclining towards farming and committed to take it a whole new level. It should serve as an inspiration to so many youths coming up the line. Remember there are millionaires and Entrepreneurs who are simply nothing but a simple farmers... way to go...😍😍😍