Saturday, 15 March 2014

A day in my heart.

It was 3rd day of the fresh may. I had to attend a practical class, reluctantly I headed to the class with my friend and entered the classroom. She wasn’t there and luckily there were some empty stools right beneath the fan, in the nick of time she too entered like a glittering full moon. She just threw her eyes over those fans on the ceilings and then brought down her gaze towards some empty stools lying zenith the fan. I knew she was looking for some empty seats under the fans to reduce the profuse sweating from the scorching sun outside. Fortunate or unfortunate there was an empty stool just next to me. I wanted to give it to her but I felt dumb and muted, there was a jam to my nervous system and my whole body felt paralyzed. Then and there she came and took that seat right beside me. She stood so close that I can even feel her inhale and exhale, whilst i just forgot my own breathing.
I nearly choked, even did not had a comfortable stay in that short span of time. There was an involuntary cough from my mouth, started to feel muscle break down in my legs, whatever everything added a fuel to the fire. The force of the blade above threw some of her hair to my face, and some felt gently on my lap. OOOOOo ,, “Thank god” I mumbled to myself, oblivious of what actually she was thinking in her head. I could not restrain from being happy and excited, everything started to materialize in my eyes. Not only does she have the perfect beauty but an enthralling hair too. Her light golden hair sparkled in the bright rays of light that came from the countless bulbs in the classroom. Her hairs fluttered and waved with the speed of the fan.
Even today I still cannot comprehend, what makes her hair smell very refreshingly. Her presence always made me paranoid. She was wearing a pink t-shirt that day; the shirt threw an aroma of perfume she had applied that morning. I felt as if I could sense her presence even if she is km away from me. She had a very besotting and enthralling fragrance wafting from her body all the time. In meanwhile the madam called her for the submission of her practical copy. She was always handy and up to date with her home works and practical. As she roused from the stool I felt as if my nail has been stretched from my finger, an intense sadness engulfed my poor heart.
As anticipated, right after she has left the seat, one Indian friend of mine approached and sat on her very stool. At first I stooped my head and pretended to be busy scribbling in the copy. I did that thinking if I could send him back to his own seat, at some point I even thought if I could yell at him to “get lost” , “This belongs to my angel” . Deep down, I knew it would be too cruel to ignore his presence so with reluctance I did the conversation with him. I cursed him for his oblivious interference between she and me and right there I felt like breaking all the 206 bones in his body. His presence really damned me, I could notice her going for another seat. I felt the evil Satan has send him to me to stop her sitting close by my side.

Two hours elapsed and flew away like two seconds in the clock. I wished I could stop the time. A minute later siren rang and we dispersed, I watched her disappear like a mist in the sky. I walked away with smiles but my heart yearned for her presence close to me…straight away I went to my room and relaxed, with my eyes to the ceiling I giggled a short smile of relief. i thought such incidence will never repeat in my life once again……