Saturday, 15 March 2014

You are a curse..

You are curse to poor country bumpkin like me. All you do is give a short smile to everyone and in fact for obvious reason people appreciates you for these humble gesture you give, but you never realize how it tortures my inner feeling because of jealousy. Off course I am nobody to get jealous for you but at least one must understand that jealousy is a first sign of love , Your smile will be the pearl to me but I don’t want my pearl to be shared with anybody. You have a face with glimmering smile but devoid of love, you show a sign of oblivion as if your heart is made of stone. You never understand and feel the pain I am carrying within me every single day.
Getting in crushes is not always sweet like in dreams, sometimes it brings so much of emotions which are too difficult for my little heart to restrain, all I do is just cry like a baby.  You will never understand the feelings that I truly hide under the parasol of my smile. Often I feel you should walk with some other handsome chaps so that I won’t have to die every day thinking about you. But in reality if you do I won’t be able to bear the pain of losing you to someone.. You are a girl but I know you have got the brain to think and heart to feel, sometimes it really sucks when you just can’t understand the reasons behind my shyness and smile for you. At least you should also give some reactions no matter if it’s a positive or negative one.
I am not born dumb but when you sits closer to me, I feel speech less  and stationary like a statue. I become deaf and some time I feel the current of cold fear run inside the veins in my body. With pretense I walk with confidence and try to talk with you in normal way but my own body damns me, it stammers and voice shivers, words fumble and mumble. You put a million butterflies in my stomachs .