Saturday, 20 September 2014

All that glitter review.

All that glitter.
It talks about two family who are constantly entwined in the swirling storm of misfortunes and sadness. Ruby the main protagonist is born twin with Giselle, after the demise of their mom , dad brags a step mother but  they did not get along an inch. The course of the story changes, when she becomes pregnant with a child from Beau. But indifferent nature of his parents and her own step mother insisting her to undergo abortion, she decides to abandon the family and spends an ample of time with her grandmother. She faces lots of hurdles in bringing up her daughter. Later situation gets worst when her dad also passes away.
Paul is a man who is smitten by Rubys beauty and he sacrifices his heart and soul looking after her and the child. However his infatuation drags him to greatest bugbear when she is once again back into relationship with her EX-husband Beau. Even his wealth and fame cannot bare him from drinking to death.
Beau on the other hand is also good man who by virtue of the situation is obliged to leave for Europe when ruby was pregnant. But his love towards her never sinks with the setting sun. ultimately their fate binds them together and nothing stop them from being happily.

The story is full of suspense and the death of numerous character at some point adds more live to the novel making it very lovely. Besides the the author V.C Andrew uses a very standard English ,which are easy to understand and beautiful.