Monday, 17 November 2014

From the news paper,

My keen enthusiasm in reading news pulls my attention to all kinds of journal,   websites and  various  blogs. I salute smart phones for providing  amazing applications which enable us  to keep updated about the latest news. For obvious reasons I feel that smart phones have now become  indispensable part of our daily life too.
Well the point is more I read the more I gets  disturbed . With many crimes reported every day , the prognostic of such incidents happening with me as a victim becomes inevitable. For instance rape , murder and many other heinous crimes always installs a goose bumps within me. I am obliged to wonder where the human values, respect   love and the compassions has have vanished?  And in fact its even more difficult to comprehend the root cause of these inhuman activities. We know that animals kill each other to avoid starving , in contrast people kill each other for just simple reason as hatred.  Its apparent from what’s happening daily in many of the middle east countries where people are massacred ruthlessly.  It pangs my heart to see innocent people dying , the children are taught to kill, women are ravished , freedom are snatched , there are only guns and the bullets to compromise anything.
Abhorrent religious believers, abhorrence of racism ,and the lack of morals is going rampant all over the world. The ripple of its evil instinct is being felt in all the parts of india as well. Delhi alone has seen uncountable numbers of crimes  as of now and  more upcoming  are being conspicuous. What  makes me more anxious  and apprehensive is the racism . Regardless of any political issues , its totally unacceptable to let a person judge, criticize , insult and even murder based on our looks and difference in religion. For instance many incidents where people form northeast india  are being racially exploited and looked down with indifference.  These makes my stomach sick , because they resemble our looks and when somebody as same as us are targeted our entity is also being shaken impeccably.  Now it has made me paranoid even to walk alone, because I fear that anytime , anybody  might  grab my collar and pull me down. As long as the racism ceases in India , those inward premonition aint just trick of my chicken heart but something  liable to occur for sure.
What people fail to realize is that though various religion may have different entities , but the basic principles and the morals are the same. Ignorance of these paves the way for radical religious beliefs  meanwhile escalating the threats of terrorism and violence everywhere. Everyone loves to live in peace and drink the wine of harmony. Even the terrorist themselves rather prefer to avoid being killed  , well the irony is they also love peace and want to cherish the bliss in the  environment. But unless the people are willing to put down their guns and change their conscience , the longing for happiness would be like crying for the moon. i am no capable of performing as an activist yet I genuinely feel that my concern and words will one day bring a change by and by.