Thursday, 20 November 2014

sleep less night.

Lights are put out and the room hung in darkness.
Outside is silent except for some  distant barking of dogs somewhere
The far hissing of the train is nostalgic
I know they are heading home .
My head pulls heavy yet I lay it on pillow
Contemplating the blades of fan
Hundred of thoughts conjure my mind.
My mind is devoid of legs but they walk faster
Likewise it's devoid of wings. Yet they fly higher.
Winter has brought with her the cold
Deeper I am obliged to burry in the quilt.
Tossing to the right and then to the left
In hope of holding the tail of slumber.
I miss you but more when  sunk in solitude
I miss your arms and the warmth of your embrace.
I open my ears, maybe I can hear your voice
I hold my breath so I can smell your fragrance.
Like a desert craving for a rain drop
I ought for your love abound.
I force my eyes into sleep
But in vain and I despair and
The fresh dawn unfolds rather.