Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New year is one of the most awaited moment  like any  other occasions. It is time to forget our past and walk  apace along the new path of happiness, prosperity and longitivity. We now bit adieu  to the year of horse and welcome the year of sheep. Sheep has got lot to bestow upon us and bless us with bounty harvest in everything  we sow.

It's time of fire works  around the globe, time to dance and party all night. Perhaps the is the only time where we can reconcile the broken relationship with our loved ones. The menu on the dinner table are abound with delicacies, toast  of wines and laughter  hangs in air.

Well in my case, this time I am gotcha have a solitary  new year eve. My uncle  left for thimphu, I am alone and I can't even  go to party because  I have never  been once hitherto. recipes I got in the fridge  ain't impressive  to grace the celebration. Well no remorse  because i can't repent   on new year  eve lest I will  have sorrowful  year ahead.

Truth is I landed up in blogging, I know all the bloggers around the world  are doing the same. Perhaps it's another way to grace the new year. As I write I want to wish all my friends around  the world  to have a very good new year with full of promises  and lucks. It's time to bask the new rays of peace harmony and happiness. Toast to all..Very warm wishes from Bhutan. Happy new year.