Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Oh god ..I don't believe you anymore. ....!!!!!!

I believe  in God very much. I aways pray and devote to his will. I comply   by his philosophy  and dogmas. Though I don't wear robes of a celibate monks  but inwardly  I follow the teachings and words of the gods. I strongly  condemn  killing of animals, I don't steal, I hate lies,so forth.
By and large  I have always been a fateful  disciple  of you in my own possible  way. I believe  you are omnipotent,and omnipresent likewise.
I never hesitated  to wake up betimes  and do the altar offerings. Never forgot to grace you before I eat myself anything. I prayed day and night alike.

Holy Buddha ,u  ought to have two divine  powers viz. Omnipresent  and omnipotent. But where were you  when I needed  you the most. You know yesterday  was very important  and urgent day for me. I am  supposed  to reach thimphu, because time was running  shot and my documents  need to reach the very day. If I failed ,you know it's repercussions as well. But can't comprehend  why that day was fruitless. Why did the bus leave me behind? regardless of my hasty preparation. Conceded to worst  when I didn't get a single cab let alone  a lucky lift.

You are not  paying  heed to my prayers, in the first place  bus left me deliberately,I had to  bear the loss of ticket. Secondly not a single  car took me, and my official  works were doomed.  Now I am convinced  I am dismissed  for studying abroad. okay not big deal, I will reciprocate . I am deterred, I can't believe  you wholeheartedly and  I feel sorry for that. I don't mind to the extend of apostatizing my religious beliefs. ..oh god you are blind.!!!!

Karma  updated this in her blogging site and was dejected awfully. 3 days  after that incident,she was listening  to radio.  The news broke,she listened  with all ears. She felt the greatest shock of her at a time. She heard that the bus she missed went several metres off road  at dochula  killing all passenger  on board. She couldn't utter a word and she cried.  With fingers crossed she sought for forgiveness. She realised  her life was more important  than the studies  abroad. ...