Friday, 16 January 2015

She made me penlop. .

Time back in the school days
I got a crush on a senior  student.
She was beautiful  undoubtedly
She was everyone's cynosure.
A girl of few words and lips almost mute
harbour a nectar of  inconsistent smiles.
I was smitten, badly smitten
By her beauty so enchanting.
Entered  my dreams and thoughts
Instilled a strong tides of emotions.
The tides of feeling ebbed and flow.

But not every flower blooms
So was  my chemistry with her.
She learnt to steal my heart
But she failed to give it back.
Love gave courage  and the strength too
It veiled  my face of shyness.
I lost the  patience  and took a step bold
Spearheaded  the new venture into love.
I dreaded  to propose  her but I did somehow.
Aftermath was terrible,anticipation
Premonition, and fear
A fear of an unrequited  love.
Days later I got a response from her
But she didn't  reciprocate my love.
she conferred me the  red scarf of poenlop.

It pang my heart  and despair
A first love and an unrequited  one.
But on her lips smile still lingered.
Deception hidden In  her smiles.
A smile that would not belong to me.