Friday, 13 March 2015

Far from the madding crowd.Hardy.

'The tess of d'urvilles' by Thomas hardy was so nice that evoked me to devour his other writing as well. In this quest ,I was searching in flip kart website while came upon his book far "from the madding crowd "though incidentally.  The story narrated in this novel is very heart catching and especially the myriad scenario described are amazing.

Here too the main character is a women named bathesheva. she is depicted as very head strong girl and very beautiful at large. It's her beauty, which brings a thick and thin circumstances and as it cast a spell upon the men in weatherboard village.Boldwood ,oak and troy are the men who fell under her spell,their infatuation triggers a  wave of emotions in the novel. However she cannot reciprocate, to all of them and neither she has the courage to decline. She keep postponing and ultimately she pays a price.
Towards the end ,the story becomes tragic after the death of mr troy. He is shot dead by boldwood in his fit of anguish and jealousy that lured him since long. Even the Mr oak ,unrequited by bathsheba and after loosing all his wealth, sacrifice his life working under her. His frantic patience, and sincerity and fidgety in his work gets rewarded .eventually she falls in love with him and gets married.