Wednesday, 15 April 2015

football and me.

I am not a very good footballer, yet I have an avid enthusiasm in this game. I do watch international soccer matches but not as sincere as many friends of mine do. My choices are random and I don't have any club in particular as my favourite. I lack indepth information on the team profile of any club, limited to Messi roanaldo and dimaria. 

Football is the only recreation we engage after our hectic classes all day long. However our college has only one pitch and in it all games are played at a time. It's annoying moment when cricketers interfere our game in attempt to catch their ball similarly our balls entering their. Furthermore soccer has its own drawbacks, occasionally subjected to injuries and accident.  My knees have been scraped and toes stubbed lot of times. But football is a game of compromise, inconvenience can't deter our passion .

Many of my colleagues are passionate footballer and wannabe star , thereby are  serious of the game we play. Often we hotup and land up into minor brawl, but this are trivial reason and cannot serve as pretext to avert our common interest. 

I am mediocre player, lacking extraordinary skills. It's way amusing when we get a pass but the ball get  through our leg without beibg touched. No point to get abashed ,rather aspire to improve more. As of  late I can breath the air of improvement , it's an  overwhelming moments to notice ourselves improving little  by little.