Thursday, 11 June 2015

Internship at NOP. Semtokha

I am doing intern in NOP  National Organic  Programme, along with two of my colleagues. All of us were so excited and eager to join the office anytime. Personally I felt lot apprehensive about joining service and it was my first time experience.  Still studying in college I feel strange to office or service life. I have to pretend like matured man,act like a officer or  walk the talk like any other officer. But my blood is stull vibrant and filled with college livelihood. To put out point blank I am not yet  ready to join service. 
At least  we are fortunate that our coordinator is very frank and amiable lady with premium qualification. From the first day itself she arranged One  room for us. Three tables and three revolving chairs were provided. We rushed for the best chair and sat playing like a kid  .It was awesome to sit and roll from one corner to another on the chair. 
However things ain't always pleasant like we anticipate. I thought we would be bogged down with works and engaged to one activity or another. Often we consider to live a life with no work at all, but today I realised when we don't have a work we have  all the boredom. Sitting ideal on a chair, surfing wifi and then flipping few pages is boring by far. It's rediculous looking for how to squander time, when on other times it run short to spare for toilet also. Yawning has become inevitable, and my friends even doze off. 
Madam has promised us to engage into practical work and we are looking forward for it.