Sunday, 7 June 2015

Night mare

I was all alone asleep when  night mare shook away my sleep. Immediately I reached for my phone and looked at the time ,it was 2.30am. Room was very dark and silence was as dead. Cacophony of Barking dogs filled the air outside.  I remembered people saying that, dogs alone can see ghost at night hence they  bark relentlessly. My bladder felt like bursting, scarily I visited the washroom.  Telling myself it was just a dream ,nothing to get scared, this and that ,gave me some strength to sleep again. But my sleep was short lived and the nightmare struck again. It was like continuing a horror movie after an  intermission. There was a guy with no face ,grabbed me by neck with both his hand .He wanted to take me to his place and could be done only after killing me first. I was deprived of any strength and my body was paralyzed.i tried to shout out loud for help but I was dumb. All I was able to do was chant 'oma hum"by heart .I was grabbing every opportunity to scream,that fight lasted for about 20 minutes. All of sudden  he released his hand and I unleashed my  restrained voice at once. That was a crazy experience, my brother who was sleeping in adjoining room heard me and came running for rescue. This might mare was the longest horror movie In which I played a major role fighting for escape.