Saturday, 19 September 2015

College life

Four years in this college
in the sheer pursuit of knowledge.
Days have gone and fast
there is nothing forever that can last.
Shy and timid at first ,
like a bud who is supposed to burst.
Over the time things have changed,
though with  some  not even a word I exchanged.
met the students from any race,
excel in their duty like an ace.
Came across girls  cute and  pretty,
feel like you are in new York City.
 Envy those couple at eve  walk,
in contrast, girl I dread let alone talk.
 College is a big time privilege ,
out bound from home like  on pilgrimage.
Sometimes we  are rich and
often  broke and almost famish.
 Friends are like rainbow and dazzle,
sometime they are source of our hassle.
Best part of college is the freedom,
away from parents and Kingdom.
its a journey along path of  emotions,
happy, sad ,angry and so on,
this way four years I came on,
soon away have to fly like swan.