Friday, 16 October 2015

cherry blossoms

I always imagine about our thimphu city being embellished with abundant ornamental trees, that would add beauty and glamour to already natural beauty that our city area possess. There are many trees like cherry blossoms, maple, dogwood , etc that are really exquisite and refreshing. The flower of this plant creates a picturesque surrounding and also scent the air with sweet fragrance. For instance in japan the cherry blossoms are widely grown, these trees bears flowers which so magnificent and literally paints the sky in different colours. Similarly if we can introduce those beautiful plants to Bhutan , it can really facelift the beauty of our place. Particularly the capital city really needs some diverse trees of aesthetic essence. Given our climatic conditions similar to that of japan and korea where cherry blossoms are grown extensively, we can seemingly grow this in the thimphu valley or elsewhere.
Some of the possible location in thimphu where we can plant those splendid trees are road edge of the  babesa express way , way to the kuenselphodrang, and on the outskirts of the town as well. Currently thipmphu city has very common trees all over the places. Basically there are only willow trees and cypress , although beautiful but they hardly flowers. If we look into the road to Buddha point there are only pine trees, which is virtually mundane and not so refreshing. Suppose if we edges of the road are planted with maple or cherry , then the surrounding will look amazing and it would add more splendor to the magnificent Buddha. Furthermore it would serve as a perfect rendezvous for taking stroll and clicking photos etc. its good to see that the paro- thimphu highway has been planted willow trees stretch, although it  will take some time and care for these plants to properly stand with full elegance.
Today our country is appraised for its natural beauty and forest coverage. Its imperative for us to maintain and conserve these gifts of nature, but it is still important to enhance the existing beauty by introducing more trees form elsewhere; breeding more diverse varieties of trees etc. everyone would cherish and embrace the new scenario with beautiful trees everywhere.if we can do this, then we will set an another paradigm for the world to envy for.

book review

Last time while on the way to shimla , inside the bus a book peddler came holding huge stakes of books in his arm. The entire spines of the books were facing me. Briskly I scanned the titles and then came across this novel “gone girl” by Gillian Flynn. I have heard the title before , and later realized It was from motion pictures.  After little bargain  I purchased the book and ever since it was travelling along with me. However I didn’t start reading until I reached back to college. Few days back I graced the book and it was my good past time for the weekend.

The ‘ Gone girl,’ by Gillian Flynn is a very nice novel. It talks about a girl who suddenly disappears from her own house. Everyone thinks that she is being murdered by her own husband  nick dunes . He comes under a very severe interrogation and frequently detained for the alleged murder. All the while his sister and his friend stand by his side trying to prove that he was not guilty of any crime. Later they somehow know that the missing girl ‘Amy’ has feigned her own disappearance. Her intention was to avenge her husband after knowing that he was having a secret affair with andie. She plans to send him to the jail by faking her disappearance and making it look like a murder. However the story makes a different turn. when she learns that nick was still in love with her and was willing to forgive her she make a different choice.  She is so intelligent and fake another series of story that would eventually help her go back to him. while she was at loose , she stayed at desis place . desi is her school friend who then used to stalk her . Desi falls in her snare, she murders him after having sex to make it look like she was bring  raped and held hostage. Then she make a very smart and untraceable comeback.  Let alone being apprehended she is celebrated and appraised as a hero. she is thought to have killed the rapist and freed herself from the captivity. Although her husband knows the truth but however he also eventually gets enticed .meanwhile she conceives a child and all the traces of hatred and mistrust of her the husband disappear too. They live once again.