Saturday, 28 November 2015

an unexpected letter

When I was in intermediate school I had a crush on one girl form our own class. I will not describe how beautiful she was because its undeniable. May be through friends or by herself she came to reveal my feeling for her; however no miracle occurred in our relationship. Thus the time elapsed and we were basically engaged with our studies. As usual I was a backbencher, enjoying what was screened in the front rows. Occasionally I would sneak a glance at her and then pretend as if I was studying. At recess and during free classes I would watch her, while she fondled pencil in between her fingers skillfully.  she loved chatting, especially with her desk partner the conversation would be endless. Our class was full of fun and games. Often I needed to control their voice because I was the class captain, the post I largely hated. Although we were in class twelve but friends were worst than children in doing prank. Sticking chewing gum on back, tying the shoe laces and doodling funny images were favorite pranks they enjoyed. That way few months had passed. The march had ended and lushness of summer had commenced. The rivers swelled and rains showered. One morning my friend came and handed me a chit telling it was form her.  i couldn’t believe my ears and eyes. I didn’t open the letter until the night. I was tearfully happy for the first time ever. The words went;
Dear phuntsho,
How long shall we go without confessing our soft corner to each other? I know you love me and don’t deny it. I loved you ever since the year began. Let us get in relationship. Tk.
 With love
April fool.
1st april.

I laughed inside the blanket for my friends had executed a perfect prank.