Tuesday, 24 November 2015

the ring

A boy loved a girl head over heels. She was very beautiful and possessed a modest character. One day the boy decided to propose her, it was the Valentine’s Day. From the florist he got a fresh rose bouquet.  The roses were deep red and afresh with dew drops. The weather was very cold outside; the mountains were covered in the snow. Sparrow glided in the sky singing beautiful songs. He went to a gift shop and bought a silver ring. The ring cost him 5000 ngultrum, in his wallet he just had the exact amount. He recalled the week long nights of work he did to earn that amount and sighed a complacent smile. The gifts were placed in the front pouch of his bicycle. He headed towards her apartment.
 The snowflakes dropped and staked on roads. The temperature was dropping rapidly.  While crossing a junction, a Mercedes car in full speed came sliding. The snows had made the road slippery.  The car crashed right onto his bicycle and he was thrown away. His blood smeared the snowy road. The roses lay scattered alongside and the ring landed near his body. He clasped few roses and the ring in his hand and slowly gave up his breath. 

The girl was sipping a hot espresso when she decided to switch channel form "Starplus" to "BBC". The news about the fatal accident broke the headlines. The camera showed the fragments of rose and the ring lying in his grasp. She blurted “hallelujah” ! felt sorry for the victim.  She checked her watch and then switched channel to” Sony”. It was time for her favourite serial ‘crime patrol” .