Thursday, 26 November 2015

the sacrifice

Woman was ailing from long terminal illness, clinically declared as acute renal (kidney) failure, basically was severe kidney cancer that needed intensive care. Both her kidney had collapsed; her body was inside the intensive care unit (ICU), fitted to several oxygen cylinders and sophisticated wires injected into her body. Though she had to go through the pain but she was not alone. Her son stood by her side in all the crucial times and he wanted to sacrifice more. He was the best son she had, his love, dedication and care were ineffable. Last thing he can do to save his mother was to give one of his kidneys. Every formality was completed and his medical condition examined. He wore the maroon surgical gown and awaited arrival of his dear wife. His surgery was due in half hour.  He sat in the  waiting room, biting his clenched knuckle, stood up and made several short walk about the hall way. Few minutes later sharp siren of ambulance resonated outside the hospital.  Subsequently nurses rushed and cleared way for the stretcher coming in carrying dead bodies and blood soaked accident victims.  Stretcher carrying body of young girl came passed him, everything happened in slow motion. It was his dear wife; she was critically injured in that bus accident and taken inside ICU. Doctors plugged oxygen mask on her face and sedated with tranquillizer.  He stood near the door; doctor came out and said that his wife had massive internal injury and needed immediate kidney transplant.  He felt speechless, stricken with fear and grief. Image of his dear wife flickered in his mind, her care, love and dedication. He looked at the door of adjacent chamber where his dear mom was lying lifelessly. His eyes could no longer hold back the tears, but he needed to be decisive lest both the patient would die. For the last time in his life, he looked at his mom and turned away towards his wife chamber for the operation.