Monday, 14 December 2015


Fisherman and his wife lived in a secluded hut nearby the river bank. He was very caring and hardworking husband. Every day he went for fishing and then took it to the market for selling. With that money, he bought enough provisions to last for a week. He also bought clothes and gifts for his wife who really endeared surprise from him.  She was a modest housewife, sincere and hardworking. She would wake up early, complete her chores and share her bed tea together. They adored each other very much. One fateful day the husband was out for fishing. The weather otherwise fine in the morning changed. Thunders rumbled and sky blackened menacingly. It started to rain, the torrent gushed aloud. She felt anxious and kept her vigil on the wall clock. Incessant rain made her scared and her pulse increased. She stayed put and crossed fingers for her husband's safety. At length the sky slowly cleared and the sun reappeared.
When the rain stopped she stepped out, headed for the stream. The river had swollen alarmingly. She went to the spot where sometimes they went together for fishing.  Presently she saw nothing. She checked all around but in vain. After a frantic search, she just came upon a pile of his clothing and the lunch box she had packed. Even his fishing gears lied haphazardly. On closer inspection she saw something disturbing.  She knew he had slipped off the rock.  Knew not what to do, she cried and yelled. He would not be there for her bed tea; no one will surprise her with gifts.  She remembered his kind and caring words. Above all she knew she had lost her savior.  She looked at her fingers that were blotchy and diminishing with leprosy. When she was ostracized and forbidden by the society, not even her parents stood by her side.  She was a disgrace and ignominious to her family. However empowered by love, he did not abandon her. Her skin distorted and beauty degraded, but his love remained undeterred. In fact, he pitied and loved her ever more.
Slowly she immersed her feet in the water running cold, currents hit her hard. This time, she plunged deeper and disappeared. The next day husband reached home panting and perspiring. The doors were open and windows creaked with winds. When he did not find her inside, he headed to the river. Only her slippers lied over the stones. He could not hold his tears, after so many years of enormous pain and struggle leprosy did not take her life but the river. 

Friday, 11 December 2015


Deki was a very good friend of mine. She was from a well off family. Though her parents were very rich, their marital relationship was not in a good shape. Frequently they would quarrel and the conversation would dry up for a long time. It was deki who had to bear the severe brunt of their unstable bond.  One time I went to get my book from her house, I heard a commotion ongoing inside. The door was ajar, I could see her parents quarreling followed by the sound of a flower vase breaking and photo frames slamming the marbled floor. Just then the door to dekis room also slammed shut; I heard her sobbing over the pillow. Deki would not share about her problem to anyone, not even to me. She was more resilient than I imagined. She would deliberately delay going home, together strolled along the children park and relished stuff from the hawker. She would never let me pay even if I wanted to. As a token of friendship, she would allow me to carry her backpack full of books. Back then we had a tremendous book to carry added by novel and lunch box. The basic conflict in her family can be blamed for the mismatch in their habit while her dad was a heavy drinker and mom was a serious gambler, both were reluctant to admit.
One day we were walking along the footpath. I was carrying her bag and my own. Along the sideways, beautiful daffodils bloomed amongst the lush clover grass. We wanted to pluck some lucky leaves (four-leaved) and got down to work. As I bent down a small container felt loose from the side of the bag and rolled over.  I picked it up; it read “rodenticide” deadly poison.  I simply pushed back inside her bag. While going back, I enquired about the container and she said that it was to kill rats in her house. Nothing crossed my mind, I dropped her home. Later that night I was leaning against the wall and wondering. Her house is very need and rats are out of a question. Then I remembered incidence of suicide by consuming rat poison. Immediately I dialed her, there was no respond on the other end. I ran towards her house, took almost half an hour. As usual the door was ajar, I heard her parents quarreling. This time, I mustered courage and entered, her parents were astounded. I rushed to her room, saw her sobbing. The stuff was on the table, and I took in my pocket. She was shocked and happy. I said that I came borrow her book.
Today after 20 years, when I meet with her I ask the same question, she always say that it was to kill rats in her house. But deep within I still believe I saved her life.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

smiling girl.

Like always I arrived at the station punctually and boarded the bus prior to its departure time. Few minutes later the engine ignited the bus galloped. It pulled over at many places picking up and dropping the passengers simultaneously. I did not give much of my attention to anything around me instead kept busy with the newly bought lava phone.
In the distance I could see a bus stop and few girls in the vicinity awaiting the bus. As it pulled over,a girl with a tall stature hailed at our bus. Her hair was unkempt and falling behind her ears. I assure not many caught her attention like I did. I sneaked a glance at her. At length the bus halted subsequently she entered. The hand bag in her arms told me she was a college –goer, supposedly of my age too.
The scenario inside the bus was bad, cramped with massive commuters.  Seemingly she would have to stand and travel, seats were occupied already.  I felt bad because the road ahead was bumpy. It is always miserable to balance our leg while bus kept jerking and braking.  Momentarily she was squeezed in the crowd but somehow near my seat. We exchanged glances; she smiled though no obvious reason. Just in a moment an old lady also entered. My courtesy was put into dilemma, my seat otherwise to be given to the standing angel needed to be sacrificed now.  I offered my place to the old woman, stood up next to the girl. I was literally breathing her air too, when the bus jerked our bodies brushed. Might have applied baby cream, she smelt cute. Her hairs fell over my face too, it was out of her control and she apologized. In fact I was glad that it happened, i wished even if she lost control of her lips.

Just then the bus pulled over, she prepared to get down. I did not find a stomach to say goodbye, simply smiled.  The engine started and the bus moved, from the window I gazed her until we passed a sharp vent. Little later i helped the old woman to get down, she acknowledged my courtesy, bit me goodbye. 
in a mirror of dreams ,
from the pocket of love .
threw a stone of hopes
from broken pieces shard,
grasp my hand in blood.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

heart broken

I woke up and washed up, put a brisk mak-eup. With gel I shoved my hair up into spikes, sprayed the cheap perfume. I went near the mirror examined my outfit, blue t- shirt and jeans. At length I stripped it off, did not look good on me, put on the only levis t-shirt I had, it was a good catch. Meanwhile I was looking at the phone and awaiting a beep of message. One text came and plunged out right, I blew a kiss on the screen and unlocked. It was spam message from the company, I deleted it with vengeance. For about past one month, I had been exchanging non -stop text with her. Asking what she had for her lunch?, how was her day , good night sweet dreams so on. The prompt reply with lot of funny emoticons was so sweet, giving tough time to hide the smiles from my roommate. Every text I sent brought me closer to her, hopes and expectations welled up. Soon we started going around together, met at cafe and in the canteen, walked along the road and amongst the lush field.  Those were the times when I wished that I could thus live for thousand years. Her message started to become indispensable part of my daily feelings. There is something spell in her words that would defy any mans feeling, just as bee is drawn to a rose. The secret of correspondence was short lived, soon many people became fishy about us, even the walls got eyes and ears. Presently there was a second beep in the phone, I rushed for it. With abundant smiles I followed the lines,
dear phuntsho, not know how to tell. From the beginning itself I should have warned you but I did not. I am sorry it was my entire fault; I let your expectation spring up.  We have been good friends till date and I want you to feel the same ever, hop you are not thinking beyond. Hereafter let’s limit our text for urgent times only; I am sorry I cannot hang with you anymore. Tk.
Like a flies to the flame, I feel burnt and broken.. Mirror of dreams came breaking down into pieces.     No words came to reply back. All I can do was remove my shoes and the levis shirt. Pulled the blanket and ducked inside. Suddenly wake-up call played and I was woken, it was 3am. Everything was dream and in the dream I slept heartbroken.