Sunday, 6 December 2015

smiling girl.

Like always I arrived at the station punctually and boarded the bus prior to its departure time. Few minutes later the engine ignited the bus galloped. It pulled over at many places picking up and dropping the passengers simultaneously. I did not give much of my attention to anything around me instead kept busy with the newly bought lava phone.
In the distance I could see a bus stop and few girls in the vicinity awaiting the bus. As it pulled over,a girl with a tall stature hailed at our bus. Her hair was unkempt and falling behind her ears. I assure not many caught her attention like I did. I sneaked a glance at her. At length the bus halted subsequently she entered. The hand bag in her arms told me she was a college –goer, supposedly of my age too.
The scenario inside the bus was bad, cramped with massive commuters.  Seemingly she would have to stand and travel, seats were occupied already.  I felt bad because the road ahead was bumpy. It is always miserable to balance our leg while bus kept jerking and braking.  Momentarily she was squeezed in the crowd but somehow near my seat. We exchanged glances; she smiled though no obvious reason. Just in a moment an old lady also entered. My courtesy was put into dilemma, my seat otherwise to be given to the standing angel needed to be sacrificed now.  I offered my place to the old woman, stood up next to the girl. I was literally breathing her air too, when the bus jerked our bodies brushed. Might have applied baby cream, she smelt cute. Her hairs fell over my face too, it was out of her control and she apologized. In fact I was glad that it happened, i wished even if she lost control of her lips.

Just then the bus pulled over, she prepared to get down. I did not find a stomach to say goodbye, simply smiled.  The engine started and the bus moved, from the window I gazed her until we passed a sharp vent. Little later i helped the old woman to get down, she acknowledged my courtesy, bit me goodbye.