Wednesday, 15 June 2016

College end

Few days on the countdown. The same sunshine that annoyed me once, when I had to catch up the  practical classes looks stunningly beautiful. The same heat  waves that grounded us inside the AC accommodated room ,skipping the class , subsequent proxy for attendance lol. But it doesn't deter anymore. In fact we love sipping hot tea under the hot weather.

By and large we were all numismatic by default. Back at home we barely count the coins. Well, here in college we know how significantly a coin can change your day. A coin buy you the tea, it feeds you with samosa, so forth. Basically it empowered ua during our financial struggles. The same coin overwhelmed the endless beggars who habitats the college circumsphere, often pissed off with their incessant whining habits. Today , some of the  beggar's who actually scared the newcomers with shabby looks, nagging and stalking untill a penny is dropped along  their way, has acquainted with us . From a nightmare,  they have turned Into friendlies.

Oaky, you know how stubborn everyone use to be. Mr Ngawang Gempo would always have something up his sleeve to surprise and amuse us. He dream big and offcourse he does big thing as well. He does what he likes and what others like he leaves Likewise, many colleagues are largely passionate about soccer, largely a wannabe stars who in their  own words have already accomplished the dreams. Sometimes, we didn't need a reason to end up in rows among ourselves. Thank god we dont hold record of fighting over girlfriend.haha Sonam Dorjia gentleman , soccer prodigy with amazing skills , rules the pitch. Mostly lost in his fairy land , would not even heed to what others converse right close to his ears. :)  TeMpa GyelTshenn a solemn man with no-damn like  demeanor, silent yet lethal, entire day almost in the YouTube. He should perhaps bag the award for the most active user in the YouTube ,if there is one such award. Pema Jungney versatility is his hallmark.a striker in the pitch , he sings well and is good at music. He is a barber who designs our hair style . Sonam Tenzin a voracious reader prolific blogger, impressive appetite, he is freak in body building and  conscious about looking macho.Tashi Dorjee a simple and down to earth fellow , who when pestered can be critically horrifying. he has distinguished himself as studious boy with no or little enthusiasm in other activities.He is our room philosopher.. Suraj Tamang an incomprehensible man with swinging mood, he is handy and well Informed man , keeping abreast all the current affairs of his and others, there isn't any reason why we should not call him as Babu.

 Sangay Wangchuk  precocious man with innate agility. His voice can really hold your heart and ears. He is a ace snooker too. KakasHi WanGyela fine basketball player whose skills defies his height. He jumps higher than himself.haha . Yeah he is a fan of animation too. Well, why he becomes wild and brutal ,when into the game play, is a complete mystery. In soccer he can really set your butts afire. "Watch out else I will break your bone " he pays with this mindset. Terrific finisher too..  Ugyen Dorji shy man resembling the legendary Messi, versatile and agile. He holds the record of nearly setting afire our boys hostel.

What you will miss the most ?   I will remember the dusty soccer ground, the wee night movie's, surfing net, late night calls, last minute rush up, the restless cars and sleepless road. Similarly, the chapter in SHIATS will never be complete without mentioning a short notes about the northeast colleagues. Entering as a boy and leaving almost as a man, we know how things played up with sighting of northeast girls. Preoccupied by Thoughts taht Indians would be all dark , tall and weather tanned skin, the first encounter with the northeast people would always be a sheer matter of laughter and amazement. I realize how giant the india is.  They never warned us of falling for them hhaa jokes aside.

On the whole, graduation is just an short yet remarkable event in the chapter of our endless endeavor. It is in fact an end but same time it opens a gateway to another beginning. This time as a different person and different memories to be picked from the shelves of life. The sun is about to set for the graduate life , yet an another dawn waits to unfold into a beautiful Sunshine.