Thursday, 27 October 2016

A day.

pic: Google.

Wake-up call plays with a country song,
Pressed the snooz and got back to sleep.
Few minutes of silence until  Donwillaims,
Strum the strings,singing whiskey lullaby.
 The golden rays of the sun hits the curtain,
I brushed it apart to let the warmth come in.

The winter has put up in my room late-night.
It's cold , i strectched and sliced the chilled air.
Through the glass of my room window ,
Saw the glimpse of the first snow on the peaks.
Amongst the fringes of the dancing willow,
Flocks of sparrows perched and sings.
Onto the screen in the phone over the pillow.
My crush greets the day with hugs of smiles.