Friday, 14 October 2016


Tsheiring made with a fatal accident.  The taxi she was ferrying collided with a truck and was crushed flat.  Other passgengers did not make alive ,she somehow survived but sustained critical injuries. Bloods splashed the accident spot, she bleeded heavily too. All she could recall was the fleeting scene of the truck speeding inbound out of control. The driver slammed the brake but it was too late.The passing vehicles pulled over to help the victims. Tshering was  rushed to the hospital.
Her body looked fine except for the deep gash on the forehead that opened blood like a river. She was layed on the stretcher and rolled into an emergency chamber. In the reception counter the officials and doctors  gathered for a  brief discussion. 
Shortly, the  man who brought her to the hospital was called in. They explained him that she needed an immediate surgery as her internal organs were significantly damaged . Her internal bleeding had to be stop by anymeans . Quickly a bill amounting to a million was handed to him. In a most gentle voice the doctor said, "with due respect I understand your patients conditon,  so I urge you to immediately deposit the bill to avoid further delay which may cost her life, thank you sir".
His heart beat raced,the  blood flushed the veins in his skin. Had it never been the accident , he did not know tshering at all. He  helped her because he was the first person to reach the accident spot on that day. Before he could Utter a word the doctors left.
An ambulance rushed in bringing another victims of a road accident. The dead were rolled into the mortuary chamber and the injured man was shoved inside the operation threatre for subsequent surgery. He looked at the counter while the reatives cleared the bill and completed the necessary protocol.
He tried looking for contacts and her  relatives but in vain. One hour has passed since she was placed inside an emergency room. Not a single soul bothered about  the condition of his patient. Eventually he signed a check of one million shoved it inside the counter. Immediately a siren was buzzed and doctors came rushing.
He was barred from entering the emergency chamber. Shortly, the tsherings body was was rolled out. This time the blood her body has dried and her body was lifeless. She has  bravely fought one hour for her survival but it was too late. Slowly,  tshering was rolled towards the mortuary room where the other casualties were placed.
His heart shrunk . Doctors reasoned him that her heart was punctured due to massive impact from the accident. The doctors felt medically vindicated and left to attend other patients.