Monday, 31 October 2016


You will never know how difficult is the work of the framers untill you get inside the field.  The golden paddy has been harvested and dried in the field . It was such a apprehensive moment for the farmers,  everyone knows that even a mild  drizzle of rain after the  harvest will bring a significant damage.  The grains in contact with rain will start germintaing . So by and large , it was Dave against the time.
This back breaking work could have been much worst in the past when there were no roads and power tiller. atleast farm road on the edge of the field is minimizing our workload.  We have to just carry it till th road where it will loaded in the tractor.

With no external labour hired our own family memeber had to consolidate our strength to complete the task before the dust. It was fun test to our muscles and good exercise.  With less experience in such work I was faced with funny tease from the cousin.
It was such wonderful experience at the end of the day.  We made it before the dust , it was a huge refief. The supper and lunch were the best time of the day. Work and appetite are directly proportional. Sumptuous meals at the end  the work really invigorates out strength and agility.