Friday, 14 October 2016

I can imagine the conditon of the people in Thailand after the demise of their beloved king.  It was even shared in the face book the images of people breaking down over the tragic news. My hearts also goes to the peeople on Thailand. May He have the quick rebirth and as a another legendary dharmic king.Our king and the entire nation also stand in solidarity;equally sharing your pain and grief. 
The nation declared October we as holiday to provide time to the people in visiting temples and light butterlamps for the passing away of the king of Thailand.
Well, looking at the height of the pain and sadness in the hearts of Thai people , we can also reflect how profound and genuine is their love for their Majesty. Every heart bleeds sewing the years in their eyes. It tells the world what kind of king he was to the country.  His reign has really moved the hearts of his people and nation.
 Bhutan also share lot similarities as in the government sysytem and religion.By and large both the countries are inspired by the doctorines of Buddhism in keeping the society live and peache and harmony.
The monarchy in Bhutan aslo enjoys the profound love of the Bhutanese people. All the kings has reigned the country with utmost love ,compassion and dedication. They are the founding father's of what Bhutan as country stand today. Their blood and sacrfices are engraved in the history. 
Meanwhile , I also wish longetivity and good health to our kings .