Monday, 17 October 2016

I wonder if someone could exactly put the feeling of unrequited love into a lines. Experience of such unsuccessful love story where either man declined to accept a woman or vice versa is long-lasting.  
I got my first rejection from my first crush.Back then I was young boy with almost immature heart. What we must know is that love doesn't have age,  feelings and emotions can develop at any age , however my case It was beyond the bearing capacity of my heart.  It was a  painful moment to get rejected. Nonetheless , the world doesn't end there, we begin to heal and move forward. The hangover of such feelings might longer  for longer days if we do not try to get rid of the attachment. Being unable to reduce an attachment can make the things worse. You succumb to illness called as lovesick. Such sickness are weired and often self_damaging.  It can gradually deprive  our strength and energy. Getting rid of love and attachment in  view to get rid of the pain of rejection  is difficult.  Genuine love can makes things harder.

Not long after my first failure , I got the second rejection. Wonder, what made her very attractive and alluring to have ensnared my heart. After , months of secret gaze and stolen glances , it is such a dismay to get into an unreciprocated love , which we call it as penlop.  Girls take conferring penlop as partly pride and dignity. Little do they understand the pain and distress inflicted upon another person.

Wish that was the end of such unsuccessful story but it isn't . No matter how many times you get rejected and how many times you break your heart, eventually the time and fate will heal our wound. Heart doesnt  really leaves you alone, because  It will forget every past and start opening a new chapter.   
Latest incidence has also put a deep gash in my heart. After long hours of chatting and conversation I have dveloped so much of attachment. What kills you more is the sweet words and voice , this are like traps that catch you and kill you. No matter what,  the ultimate cause of suffering is the attachment.  If we can control this than nothing can cause much a big issue.