Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The sight of so many vendor , sitting alongside the pavement in the heart of Thimphu town is very unpleasant.  In the first place they are blocking the way thereby creating congestion and overcrowding the path. Given , the pathway thronged with so many peiple all the time , there presence make it worse. It's not a pleasant scene , where vendors and people all crowded in one area. The condition is depicting the same scenario  of some Indian bazar where human ,animals and cars all occupy the same space. Selling produces on a walking way is not proper if we look form the health angle This path way is used non stop, dust and pullution can easily fall on the things displayedon the floor.Allowing such practise also creates environment issues, since plastic and unwanted debris makes the surrounding dirty.  For instance,  the gullies in between the building are filled with vegetables debris and plastics , blocking the drainage which eventually sends reek of bad smell right in the town.

Last time after the ban on pedlars selling thukpas and other stuffs at late night , the condition of the town has seen lots of changes. It was cleaner and better with less congestion.  It also reduced the rate of misdoings and crime by the party goers. However things are repeating again.  Though less of pedlars selling delicacies,  the number of vegetable vendor are increasing.  Before the situation become unmanageable,  I think government should intervene.  We should not allow people to occupy as and where they like. Government should seriously look into the matter and come up with reliable solution.
Today , vendors occupy the steps leading to local bus terminal,main town and other corners.  These sellers should be shifted to a proper place with good shelter facility. Without providing them with designated place I think it will be difficult to move the sellers anymore. Their condition also looks desperate with massive number of people into this business
On the whole, i think government or the concerned authorities should take up the matter seriously and take necessary action. That by saying i mean something reliable and credible intervention, that can create a win win situation. .