Thursday, 20 October 2016

This is the tiny flicker of flame from the butter lamp. It's always overwheming to enjoy the beauty of the flame in the pitch darkness, for this very reason I prefer sleeping in the altar room. What is more splendid is when the faces of the little satute illuminated under the low light of the lamp.Such sight is soothing and ease the mind from all negative defilement,  stress and invigorate our mental strength.
As I keep watching the flame gradually dance in an elegant move. As it shake and flicker , the whole night is enchanted by her graceful dance. What assit her dance is the song playing from my phone. Sweeter the lyrics appear , better her dance assumed.

What I regret is the moths who are staring from outside seeking every chance to arrest her attention. Perhaps i am  cruel because I have shielded the lamp in a glass case to debar the moths from assaluting her beauty.  Well, it should be a good cruelty becasue I don't want those innocent lovestircken flies to burn themselves to death. Sometimes , they not only burn themselves but kill the flame as well, which is a big tragedy.

Next time you are given the choice , choose the altar room to get a sound sleep and enjoy the dancing flame. I am sure you will get enchanted and spelled by her mesmerizing beauty.