Monday, 24 October 2016

What peculiar thing you notice about this tree?  This tree has five heads on a single trunk. It's is very rare for a tree to have five heads. Well, there may be trees with five branches but it is not the same as this one. There is an age-old believe that such tree are the tree of God's. It's significance and sacredness has been put into the lyrics in our flok songs.
People also believe that this tree can fulfil our dreams and aspirations. Since I have lots of dreams , i am thinking of asking her to grant my wishes too. If you are also interested in seeing this tree, you can visit lango school. The tree grows right afront the principal quarter.
The tree being a cypress , has added to its spiritual value and sacredness. However , this tree is not as popular as you are expecting it to be. I have discovered it myself just recently. I am not sure if people are even aware of its presence or perhaps devoid of its spiritual significance, but I haven't heard a word about this tree being discussed anywhere. Hence I feel I am the only one to discover it , but I don't claim it officially.
In line with this , it is good to know about other things that we Buddhist worship and accord spiritual significance. We strongly rever and protect the lakes. It's understood any agitation and wrongdoing near the lake can infuriate the gods and disaster will befall on us. There are stories of six boys which later was developed into major motion pictures talking about the wrath of angry gods.  In the other hand , doing good and respecting these lakes can bless us with life and fortune.  Likewise,  We worship trees , caves which are considered residing abode for saints and scholars. In the mountains we believe,  dieties reside which take cares of the splendid peaks and the environment. This kind of respect and mentality has helped our country in the conservation and protection of our environment.  We standout in biodiversity conservation and we are the first carbon neutral country in the world. Backstopped by our strong cultural and spiritual essence , our dynamic leaders , strong national commitments,we are able to keep our environment and diversity intact.

Back to the point , just like I respect this tree everyone should start doing the same.  It's not important to whether to consider it as god or not but what is more important is we need to respect the nature and learn to leave in harmony with it. As much as we respect we should avoid feeling trees unnecessarily.  We should not contaminate water and pristine lakes. Garbage should be well taken care of.  On the whole we hsould be a responsible man , to help protect our nature and also keep abreast of our age-old believe and culture.