Saturday, 19 November 2016

A surprise news.

After seeing a request for an immediate blood donation in the news paper , karma decides to visit the  hospital. It was his long-standing dream to volunteer in such social services. Meanwhile in the hospital, his blood were extracted and screened for detailed examination.  He sat on the bench in the hall, awaiting confirmation of his blood sample. He felt restless, decided go about the hall reading the long medical information pasted across the wall. Just in , a nurse called out his name and ushered him to the chamber .
The door was ajar,he could see the doctor on his chair scribbling something on a paper. Few more doctors joined from inside the adjacent chamber.  He was called in.
The doctors thanked and appreciated his invaluable service . Everything was fine until one of the doctor broke an unexpected news to him, "We are sorry, you a have HIV infection" . All the hell broke loose on him, he was dazed.  Therafter he could not hear all the consolation and advices other personnel were trying to convey to him. He was told to be strong and visit the hospital for regular  counselling and relevant medication . 
His dreams and his happiness came tumbling upon his head. He helped himself to the washroom and sobbed like a baby. He recalled his moments back in the college in india,  strolling the passage through  the red light city. He regretted every bits of memories that has pushed him to this tragedy in his life but he realized it was too late for anything good to occur now.. 
In the subsequent days he amassed his courage and febble strength left within him. He attended hospital for constant counselling and worked on his means to live his life as HIV infected person. Back in his heart he always wished for  something breakthrough that could do miracle for every HIV Patients like himself. However he knew it would be very late or never .