Friday, 4 November 2016


Maya lived in an old hut all by herself.  Her only child passed away in a fatal accident one year back. Today is a  Diwali , she has to dispel the darkness with anything available. Few candles were lit up and placed it in the front of her hut.   She watched and listened as the village enlivened itself with songs and parties.  The night was starry and the air was frosty.
Dilwali came once in a while,  She knew it very well. Families came together, rejoiced with songs and laughter.  Meals would be grant and delicious.  Maya, checked her kitchen and found only a handful of rice flour.  She got down to make few pieces of shalroti for her dinner.
Slowly few group of boys gathered outside singing and expecting her appearance. They sang verses of prayers and wished for her good health,  she needed to drop some money to them.
'May love abounds in aunties house,
May wealth prospers in aunties house,
May good health prevails in aunties house,
May you live long and happy'.  Others chorused ' dowshure.'
She placed a 100 note  and some marigold flower in the bowl. They left her house in pursuit of other households,  She drew a big smile moved inside.
On the floor the shard from a broken piggy bank lay scattered. She gathered and staked the shards upon each other. Placing her head on the pillow, she wished herslef good night.