Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Love mantra.

Today i was watching the movie Phurba Thinley,  starring all-time superstar comedian phurba Thinley.  It was full of fun and entertainment.  We were dissolved into a hysteric laughter . 
One particular event which arrested my attention was the love mantra. It was really eyeopening act to me. Imagine a verse which  when chanted for many times and working it's magic  on an edible object. Subsequently when eaten by the person we love , can fall in love unconditionally.  
So this was the basic principle. 
If only it is true then I have no reluctance to by heart this mantras for any number of  times. Especially for a lovelorn fellow , it will be a huge blessing and tactics to win someone's heart.  
I have heard similar stories from my parent's and the older people. This system of mantras were prevalent during ancient times where some people secretly try to die a women's heart. Much similar to this mantra was an mystical elixir , believed to be tapped from a very old and scared tree in the wilderness.  The tree is supposed to be a pair of pine tree,  which are entangled together as if they are making out. This kind of existence is rare and considered divine. Meanwhile,  It is believed that the trees produce  some powder with magical powers of love. This mythical love elixer when mixed with food and given to the one we love , can do wonders. It will abound unlimited love.
This kind of myths and are also widely believed in Hinduism.  Shaminism,  can cast the spell on the girl or boy and win their heart. But only feared believe is that it will cause uncontrollable love and feelings.

This So called love mantra has really distracted me. It remains a complete mystery though.  One day I may come across one who can reveal the secrets of love mantra.  Till then it will remain a mystery