Thursday, 11 May 2017

The choice

My days this days remind me of those beautiful anecdotes by ruskin bond elsewhere in shimla. The weather is very erratic like itself. It's a sunny morning and wet afternoon or vice versa . Sometime the rains are light and pleasant whereas sometime it's wreaks havoc as if whole the hell broke loose.
Rain or shine I see those life going undistracted. Those cows tethered on the arecanut trunk, munching lushes under the bursting sky. In the nearby sty in the village, the pigs are silent and asleep. The chickens in the coop too.
The roads are weted afresh. Countless cars ply with wippers in full swing. From the school in the vicinity, kids are outbound for home. Little girls playfully walking the roads, tossing their umbrella and  barely caring to protect themselves from the rain.Now and then they dip their legs in the puddles formed by the rain.

Little do they know that their parents are worried about them. I assume they will have to face the wrath after reaching home. The rain has benefited the vegetables. Cucumbers are growing vigorously and the yield is promising. The beans however do not get along well with that rain. Especially the bush beans are vulnerable to rotting under rainy condition .

Watermelons have become prime and nearing to it's ripeness. Although much has been damaged by fruit flies,there are still decent amount harvestable. Chillies are coming up bit sluggishly. I am bit worried that the onset of monsoon might damage the plants.

As we detect significant number of pests  feeding on the vegetables,Some virtually damaging the whole crop. For example fruitfly puncture the fruits while it's just a peasize and then fruits after attaining considerable size ,rot and become unfit for consumption. This is the junction I feel like am sitting on the fence feeling indecisive. It's about making decision whether to empathize them or kill them . Offourse reluctantly I have to choose the latter one. It's an irony to make killing primary and pushing empathy to the backseat.