Sunday, 30 July 2017


The road is fresh and wet with rain,
While the car barrels like a bullet train.
Out of blue the sky pours down again,
On the road trying to hide but in vain.

The fields alongside are lush with paddy,
Beautiful are those transplanting ladies.
Thunders rumble, the sky darkens ,
I open my parasol , yet i feel shaken.

Ahead of me a lady is walking quick,
Bare under the rain she look wet and slick.
Hairs long and the jeans tight, sandals red,
Ratatat of those sandals , slip into my head.

I wish she turn her back , so I see her face,
Atleast I hasten my steps ,so catch her apace.
From under my blue colored umbrella,
She looks troubled like a poor drenched Cinderella.

A Car comes pass me and pull over near her,
I watch as she hop- in to vanish like thin air.
Over the bent on the road afar,
He gets away with a Cinderella in his car.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Youth into farming

Over the years it has become increasingly difficult to get a decent job despite qualification.  Unemployment rate is shooting up and it will seemingly continue. The simplest logic is that our country is small and the population is ever magnifying. So we cannot simply go on blaming gov for the lack of jobs, instead it's time we look for greener pastures elsewhere , not necessarily in the gov or private service's.
Farming in today's world is way stigmatised, and more of younger generation displaying indifferent attitude towards it. That said, there are people with qualified background, renouncing even  their job and taking up such venture .There are people willing to push against the odds and accomplish big dreams.

It would be unfair to say  that gov jobs simply warrant our survival . There thriving and prospering in gov service is bleak. In fact to get the facts straight there are  civil servants who struggle even  to make their ends meet.  High rent, living standards, expensive things , etc. These  factors attribute to the ever difficulty working in the Urban area's. Well that said  life doenst stop here. There are silver linings to catch in so many other endeavours.

Today it's more about making money and thriving in the current world. It's about entrepreneurship, it's business and it's about service. Amidst this whirlpool of venture, an agriculture and farming as means for income and prosperity has accentuated like never before. Given the significance of farming in contributing to our national goals of self sufficiency, it has unfurled a wide scope for youths to embark upon .

 But farming is easier said than done. That's the fact. It's not simply about spades and soil- digging work. Today, its more about farm mechanization and Labour saving, given increased Labour shortage. In so doing, we not only reduce dependency on Labour, the work efficiency is enhanced, money saved, higher out put is assured.  Likewise, proper planning, forging good relation with research centres, experienced personnel, exploring information would help in easing the drudgery and optimising the output.

Since farming is a broad phenomenon, there are ample of things to explore and get the best out of it. There are techniques and methodologies, designs, approaches , which if  considered could assure higher return  from the same area of plot. By and large, most of the our landholding is limited , so it's favourable for a farming techniques that could accommodate mixed produces, like fruit, vegetables  spices etc.from the same field. That could be done through, multi -tier system, mixed cropping, inter-cropping so forth. This way we can ensure diversity and reduce risk of crop failure.

All said and done, it is a good sign to see many more educated people inclining towards farming and committed to take it a whole new level. It should serve as an inspiration to so many youths coming up the line. Remember there are millionaires and Entrepreneurs who are simply nothing but a simple farmers... way to go...😍😍😍

Thursday, 13 July 2017


It  was at decehnphu. I had never even dreamt that the day would have such a tremendous impact on my life. The single incident just; turned the tide which was restrained within me . Let me not bit around the bush,  point is I had a cross. I crossed with my intimate a highschool friend. That was just a coincidence but listen Its something more than just a cross. The friend of mine got some company, two girls.; It was that moment which knitted a new episode in my life story.
By nature I am not a quick person but listen I got her number quicker than I anticipated. Again it is nothing surprising because you know I have; put my friend into use. Well,what is the use of having the contact, when I lacked the stomach to call. Few days I scrolled her contact and did not diall ,very effortless. I typed her number and then erased it altogether, I did that many times. Atlast , I besought the help of my friend again. It eased my situation. He has done the introduction, rest was my job.
Things assumed its shape quickly. Our call stretched untill the late night. I could crack jokes and she would burst into laughter. We share same affinity for singing , she has a appealing voice but my own was otherwise. She liked listening to short fable, i would narrate those few I knew. We would walk along the foot path and about the park overlooking the river. We rummaged through carpet of grasses for a lucky leaf. She love flowers , we gathered dandelion ,daffodils , grasses and created small bouquet.
There are more memories than I can remember . I have painted enough colors of moments on the pages of my memory. Our conversation over the phone was always memorable.We spilled all our emotions , feelings, sometimes over silly reasons we get outraged and hot argument ensued . However these issues were short lived, we sprang back to normal just the next day, this was how we lived, our bond became bolder and affection grew stronger.
We wanted to tie knot, she wanted a twins; I wanted a boy.Having said that , we never engaged ourselves physically. Furthest was a kiss inside the theatre,a brisk kiss and nothing more. We were decided to stay away from it untill the marriage. We, wanted to Inform our parents . She was from pemagatshel in the east; her mother stood by her decision and did not object. She did not have  father.
My mom is a simple ,tight-lipped woman, it was  my father who verifies my decision. I told him our affair and how we met. He was delighted to listen to my story and didnt reprove. He asked about her family whereabouts. Her only mother Tshering was from pemagatshel,she didnt have father. After her mom was conceived; father never came back. Mom didnt share details about it.
Heaven forbid!The  girl you are trying to marry is your sister.His eyes became wet and even I could no longer fight back my tears.He said ,"it all happend on a fateful night when i forced my way Into Tsherings hut, on a night hunt. It was my first time and the worst.She became pregnant, I knew it but I was deprived of strength to accept the fact. Meanwhile , my training got over and came to thimphu . It has been 25 years, I promised her but never turned back".