Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A thief

I was driving alone from Tphu to Pling . On the way a man carrying backpack hailed at my car for a lift . The weather looks overcasted and brimmed with rain that would explode anytime. I pulled over My car to accommodate him,beside I thought it would be a good past time to have a company for conversation along. Usually I travel atleast with one company,child or elder because it would keep me alert and awake. I have heard lot of horrifying accidents about an exhausted driver or simply falling asleep while driving.
I unlocked the door on the back seat and gestured him to hop in. He looked overwhelmed and reliefed.
Thus the journey continued. He was a farmer and was also heading to Pling to see his pregnant daughter who has just delivered her baby the other night. He was pretty anxious and excited to hear the news. He was a decent talker and humble in manner.
We conversed on so many things. They were from humble background,his daughter worked as a waitress in one of hotel in Pling . Three children total,one was a police and other driver . Conversation ensued Until we reached pling city . He got down in the town and acknowledged me wholeheartedly. I saw smiles and happiness on his face .

Myself I steered toward the paradise lodge. By then it was almost sunset, the distinct golden sky line in the plains appeared in the backdrop. Some crows were making their evening flight. Meanwhile I took my luggage and checked in the hotel. I reached for my pocket to get the wallet and clear the bills. To utter dismay my wallet was missing. I must have left in the car,usually I keep things in the backseat along with my laptop and kabneys. I was further alarmed when it was not in the car. I was deeply confused and recalled my day. I was sure I left it in the car on the laptop. Then it clicked, that passenger has got away with my wallet. I couldn't believe my eyes. He lookd so humble and suspicion we out of question. Immediately I made a round in the town trying to spot that man. He was no where and vanished like a thin air .
I was simply deceived by his manner, fallen prey to his trickery. My phone battery was low and got shut down.

Luckily , my credit card was inside my dashboard of the car. I cleared my bills from there. That bastard has finally got away cleanly with my wallet. In the room I recharged my phone and called my mom. She was furious at the end for not calling her. She said "how can you afford to forget your wallet here,how you are expensing your stay there?". I just rembered that passenger,his humble smiles and his manner. Maybe holding his granddaughterin his arms.