Saturday, 15 March 2014

Under the Banyan tree

Under the giant Banyan tree once,
When the dusk was about to be swallowed by the night.
Two vague silhouettes appeared at a distance,
Like two little love birds they dated.
Intimidated by their envious rendezvous,
I shuffled my legs to turn back and go,
But my apprehensive yet curious heart
Numbed my legs and paralyzed my steps.

I stood on the pathway in solitude,
Not even own shadow has accompanied me.
I gazed the two unknown lovers share their utmost chemistry,
They laughed and giggled beneath the cool banyan tree.
With approach of the pitch black darkness,
Fainter their shadow became.

 The sound of nocturnal bats echoed,
Crickets on the Ashoka tree chattered.
Time in my watch ran like a hare,
Whilst the shadow disappeared
In the wink of my eye.

Not far from where I stood,
I could hear them walk away.
In the cold breezy night,
Laughter of the girl struck my ears.
In the nostrils I could smell her perfume.
A tear of sadness flowed down my cheeks,
For I knew to whom that soft voice and sweet fragrance belonged to.